Indigo Cabin Crew Training Process as Fresher – Full Details

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The indigo cabin crew training process is the most important part to become a complete flying person. The training IndiGo provides to its cabin crew is entirely a one-man conversion.

99 days of rigorous crew training is seen on each crew on board. The first day that attracted me was that all the trainees are taught to wish everyone means, “everyone” right from the cab driver, the security guards, to the people you meet in the lift, even if we call them Know it by saying “sir or ma’am”. It teaches integrity and is also called Ifly culture.

The amazing thing is that Indigo does not do the job just because of the face or external beauty on their cabin crew, they seek confidence and polite comfort. Indigo will learn you to look beautiful and strong at heart in their air hostess training.

Their instructors are just amazing. Crews are chosen on time and Indigo transport also plays a major role.

indigo cabin crew training

So when it says “on time” it is practiced on each day of training.

By module, briefing, situation handling, self-defense, yoga session, grooming, customer service, full of vivas.

Modules include Aviation, Emergency, First Aid, Aviation Security, Indigo and DGCA exams, basic accommodation in equipment, etc.

Most importantly, all trainees have to score above 90% in each module and viva I mentioned. Grooming is mandatory to an extent, where even a single strand of hair is removed, it is a deviation from the standards of indigo and hence may suffer the consequences.

And finally comes the day of graduation and all the crew is given licenses and wings to fly.

I had no idea that when I cracked the interview, I was writing several exams. People say you have no need to study if you want to become a cabin crew I want to meet that person and really explain what the crew went through the big challenge.

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How Indigo Cabin Crew Training Changed Me, After Complet the Training

  • I am now an on-time person myself.
  • I have become Courteous and can handle any situation.
  • Integrity is the main value.
  • Now my habit is to help everyone around me.
  • An emergency is a time when I am ready to save a life.
  • I am a trained first lady, yes I can give CPR, have anticipated cramps, and have the passenger’s child on board when the need is least.
  • And learning every day.
  • Get plenty to travel, meet people, explore places, eat delicious foods, and whatnot.

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But remember that somewhere behind our smile it is the responsibility to be happy. Just smile back a request when they do when you have no idea this is our day.

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