Flight Attendant Teeth Requirements Criteria for Fresher

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Friends, are you a flight attendant aspirant? This article will help you to clear your confusion related to flight attendant teeth requirements criteria. Here I have to give details ideas about every type of teeth problem and the solutions.

So, if you are fresher and confused about cabin crew teeth requirements, you should read this article until the end. Here you will get each detail of flight attendant teeth requirements for domestic airlines and international airlines.

Friends all you know is that some airlines would put in their job postings for a cabin crew recruitment good set of teeth. But do you know what does it exactly mean when they say the good set of teeth? Because what might be good for you might not be good for them, or what I might find a good set of teeth might not be good for somebody else. So let’s break it down.

flight attendant teeth requirements
flight attendant teeth requirements

Flight Attendant Teeth Requirements

  1. Is it allowed for applicants to have veneers – Of course, yes, veneers are 100% allowed? I have seen many cabin crew who have veneers. It’s very hard for me to explain what veneers are, but if you think of how a celebrity’s teeth look like or a beauty pageant contestant, you know these long-looking, very wide toothpaste commercial-looking teeth are veneers. I’m going to show you a photo of veneers, and it’s quite expensive and to be honest, I’ve also thought about getting veneers in the past. Because I have crooked teeth, my dentist told me that since I have a good quality set of teeth, it’s not highly suggested. So instead, I had braces done. So to answer the question, yes, veneers are allowed.
  2. Gaps on your set of teeth – are you allowed to have gaps in your teeth? If they are natural gaps meaning, where they have a gap between their two front teeth, that is fine. But it’s a different story if you have a missing tooth; for example, you have a missing tooth on the right, left, or bottom that is too obvious. When you smile, you can see those missing teeth. The missing teeth are not allowed for the cabin crew jobs. Now having said that, some people have had their teeth taken out. Like for example, their molars, as long as it’s not visible when you smile that you have a missing tooth at the back, that’s okay.
  3. Crooked or very crowded teeth – Yes, you can still be a cabin crew, even if you have slightly crooked teeth, because I have seen many cabin crew who don’t necessarily have the perfect set of teeth. So yes, you still do have a chance to become a flight attendant even if your teeth are a little bit crooked.
  4. BRACES – A common question that I receive, I am currently wearing braces. Can I go for the open day? Well, most airlines, when they post their cabin key requirement on the job ads they put, they place it there they will not entertain applicants who have braces. So if you ask for international airlines, no, you cannot go for your training wearing braces. But there is one airline in the Middle East I’m not even going to say the name. But once you are hired, it seems like they can wear braces. Because I’ve seen a couple of their crew wearing braces. But I’m not going to say their name because I am not sure if this is allowed in their airline grooming standards or not. But yes, I’m just stating my observation that I have seen a couple of their crew wearing braces even when they are in uniform.

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So, I hope that you got the answer to your questions related to flight attendant teeth requirements. Friends, I request all of you to check this article before applying for flight attendant jobs. Also, We will write an article on more cabin crew issues, which will help you to make more simpler to become a cabin crew.

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anne · November 25, 2021 at 1:53 AM

Hi! I dream of becoming a flight attendant but I have a rotten front tooth but I want it fixed.is it allowed to have a pasta teeth?

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