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Hello, everyone here is Aviation Dreamer for Giving you the proper information to fulfill your Aviation job. Yes, we are here to help you with the Aviation Job Search and Aviation Interview Tips. And I am sure that soon Japan Airlines announced Cabin crew Vacancy. And you are looking at the interview process and salary structure. Well, I also dreamed of becoming a cabin crew and decided to try it. So let’s try it together.

So in this article, you will get the full process of the Japan Airlines cabin crew interview process step by step. And also here is some Question list to help you to prepare yourself for the cabin crew interview. So, click here to check it out.

Bello Are the Steps for Japan Airlines Cabin Crew Interview Process

  • I’m not sure how it works in other countries and in Japan, but in Singapore, this is an online application where there will be a link to your JL Career website and then you will be directed to the online application form. You complete your basic information, such as name, birthdate, height, education etc. They also ask you if you can see marks or tattoos when wearing uniforms. So its really simple to apply online.
  • And then they will wait for their email only after the expiry date of the application, and yes, I received notification for your first interview which was held at Changi Airport in Japan Airlines office. This is not going on a walk-in the interview. So, the office is very quiet on the counter around the corner with 2 employees. Perhaps small employees were present because it was the weekend.
  • Then we were asked to send photocopies of our ICs and educational certificates which requested that when they sent an email to inform us about the first interview. Therefore, to make a good impression, I suggest all those applicants who are lucky enough for the interview so that these documents can be printed directly.
  • Counter staff will issue a decal with a number of you, and you will be asked to paste it on the left chest area. Also, make sure that you meet the height requirements even before the interview, they will take your height. So if you do not have the least height then you can’t apply for the Japan Airlines cabin crew.
  • Then we will be asked to sit in the systematic chairs to wait for our interview. When you wait, you will have an employee from the office to inform about the profile of the interviewer’s and what to do about it and what not to do and to inform us about the process. For me, the first interview involves a mixture of 5 interviewers, Japanese and Singaporeans.
  • We were also ordered to go to groups of 5 according to the numerical decal, which was previously assigned to us and to sit according to our number. Apart from this, they asked us to stand in front of our chairs in front of the interviewers and only asked to sit on the question. It was a very brief and informal interview, basically, we gave a brief presentation of ourselves, and after this, it would be a QNA based on our online application which was sent to JAL.
  • It was not very formal because the answer to other candidates was a little ridiculous. While we were talking in person, the interviewer was also filling a small form between them for our evaluation, so basically, be sure to constantly smile and sit in a straight pose. He also mentioned the salary structure which is the basic + multiple assignments which are approximately $ 2.5k ( depend on the country and city).
  • After this, the interview ended and they asked us to stay in the office for verbal Mandarin test before going home. This is similar to an oral high school test, where 1 interviewer will be with 1 candidate, and the candidate will read the interviewer and the path of his accent and the ability to read the words will be evaluated. Make sure your mandarin is all ready and ready because the route is about 3/4 pages.
  • After 2 days I received this email that I was selected for the final interview! He also specifically said that women should wear their hair and wear clothes in business dresses. The IC and the actual educational certificate should also be brought for verification and most importantly, bring T-shirts and shorts for skin control.
  • Obviously, there were only 2 steps, and the second interview would be one week after the first interview. As always, we were asked to sit outside the interview room and be informed by the staff member. The interview process was the same as before, a self-introduction after QNA. But this time, I was lucky to know how much I knew about JAL.
  • I had guessed it a few nights before, so I was relieved that I can give a reply after a little investigation. Candidates, please be sure to know at least 3 or 4 information points about JAL if you ask questions like me. And that’s it! There is not much difference in the first interview.
  • But after leaving the room, we were asked to change our marks to shirts and shorts for a scrutiny. Then, they examined the area in front of chest, back, neck and arms. Do not worry, it’s all done in a closed area. Therefore, if you are good, if you pass the interview and go ahead on the medical check-up, then they will reply immediately because they had notified me that night!
  • Only 4 hours after my second interview, I received a call to go to the next day check! So skilled! But do not be happy yet, because medical checks also determine whether you will be able to successfully achieve your cabin crew.
  • During the medical check-up, the doctor verified marks and birthmarks in more detail during the second interview. And worse, I did not do make-up during a medical checkup. My short mark on my face was discovered by the doctor and he wrote it on JAL’s medical form and took a picture to present it.
  • Even a poultry in my stomach was also searched by him. When I thought, then, I could pass two interviews but I would fail in a medical check-up because they did not want the cabin crew with the visible mark. I felt very disappointed, but I still had to complete the remaining tests.

All this is for the JAL interview process in Singapore, and for those candidates, remember to review your mandarin and keep the skin’s clear color. They are not very strict when they check your face, but normally it should look good. And Congratulations to all for the interview.

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