Silk Air Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits – in details

Silk Air Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits – in detailsSilk Air Cabin Crew Salary

Silk Air Cabin Crew Salary – Hello everyone welcomes to Aviation Dreamer. Here you can find out more Aviation Jobs and Interview Tips. So, in today’s articles, I am gonna write on the topic of Silk Air Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits – in details. So, if you want to apply for Silk air job please read this article till the end.

Silk Air is a regional airline located in Singapore and is part of the SIA group. As a premium, small-to-medium medium regional carrier, Silk Air has its own unique appeal among leisure and business travelers in Asia. Whilst offering carefully selected food, full-time service and elements of flying entertainment, SilkAir puts a lot of emphasis on providing attentive, friendly and comfortable service. It operates all Airbus fleet of A320 and A319. Benefits and salary details of their cabin crew are given below –

Basic Pay  –  $ 1200 – $1910 ( FSS ) , $1445 – $2310 ( Senior FSS )

Flying Per hour  –   0-50hrs $4.05 , 51-75hrs $8.00 and 76-100hrs $10.80

Sector allowance  –  $ 8.70

Night flying allowance –  $30.00

Inflight meal allowance  –  breakfast $10.00 lunch $13.00, and dinner $16.00.

Transport  –  $32.00 for a day and $49.00 for a night.

Uniform allowance  –  $ 130 per month

Also, you will get the following benefits –

  • Free and discounted travel
  • Annual wage supplement of one month’s salary
  • Profit sharing bonus
  • Attractive medical and dental benefits

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