Jetstar Asia Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits – In Details

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hello, friends in today’s article I am gonna write on Jetstar Asia Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits – In Detail. So, if you plan to join Jetstar Airline check out the full article.

If you have been selected, be prepared to pay the bonus already in advance: $ 1000.00 in cash, if you go within one year, you will have to pay an extra $ 850.00, and you will get 1 year without extra payment After that, you will lose $ 1000.00, however. $ 1000.00 will be refunded 2 years after the end of the deposit.

JetStar Asia Cabin Crew

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For Part-time Basis

The basic is not $ 12.00 per hour without incentives. Excluding Sales Commission Generally, 7 flights per month (average of 8 hours) will be drawn per month with a compulsory 2-day weekend. There will be no deduction from the CPF.

Full-Time Flight Attendant (FA) Salary Package

The first year of service

Basic: $650.00 (1st Month Initial Training)

Basic: $750.00 (2nd Month onwards)

Basic: $850.00 (1 Year onwards)

Hourly pay: $5.00 (1-80Hours) $11.60 (81Hours onwards)

Meal Allowance

$5.00 per TWO sectors (i.e if you fly a Jakarta Turnaround SIN-CGK, CGK-SIN you will get $5.00)

Top up payment promotion: $ 180.00 (If you fly 120 hours or more, but note: 120 flight hours are tedious in one month, especially the response time!)

Sales Commission:

1% of total sales on the board are divided by the number of cabin employees. (Average of $ 100.00 per month)

Year End Bonus (AWS, applicable only to Singapore and SPR) – 1-month basic salary ($ 750.00), CPF deductible.

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Layover allowance

Jetstar only layovers in JAKARTA $50.00 and OSAKA $75.00.


2 crews to a room sharing.

Jakarta Layover

  • Pax Up (SIN-CGK) at Sheraton Airport Hotel will arrive at the local time at 3 o’clock in Jakarta. Operate the return on 7P (CGK-ON-CGK) the next day. M returned to Singapore on local time and immediately on the same plane. You will reach Singapore at 9.30 local time
  • Operated (SIN-CGK) at 10 pm, local time, a small 9-hour stay at Sheraton Airport Hotel, and ready to take the same plane around Perth. Actually, you will be there in the dark and leave the hotel in the dark.

Osaka Layover

Generally, stay for 20 hours. Information about hours after arrival at 11:00, local time, and local time at 9 o’clock in Osaka.

You will determine the flight according to your seniority as well as your language ability. You will need at least 1 pulse (flight manager) and 1 senior (flight leader with at least 6 months of flight experience). Generally, the scales of Jakarta’s Malaysian-speaking group and Osaka will be assigned to the Japanese-speaking group as well as the Chinese-speaking group, because of the flight Taipei (SIN-TPE-kicks) or Manila (SIN-MNL-Kicks)

Transport will be provided for those flights which report or return (11 am to 7 pm). That is, if you are given a list for flight reports in the morning, you will be assigned to transport only in one direction. You have to come back on your own.

Average gross pay for Singaporean/SPR crew: $1600.00 to $2100.00. For the Malaysian crew as above but there will be no CPF Deductions.

Foreign crew (other Nationalities) Fixed $2000.00 excluding Layover allowances and Sales Commission.

Generally, the local crew will have to take flights (changes for long flights) from the foreign crew to earn more than the flights from the foreign crew (despite receiving a certain payment even after the time of the flight).

Privilege / Rights: Original salary paid for 14 days of MC (after 6 months trial period) per year. 25 days of basic salary is paid. Mandatory Annual Holiday And most important! cheap tickets !! (I.e., $ 80.00 round trip for Phuket, $ 140.00 return trip to Perth, and many more! -On Jetstar flights)

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Paresh Baidya,I am Eliza Lao from the Philippines,I love your articles.would you mind if I ask for some assistance?what if I want to work in jaetstar as a ground staff?

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    Sure, Eliza, you can. but for that, you have to apply for there ground staff vacancy, so for that please keep connected with this website you will get the notification. And till that time you can prepare yourself for ground staff interview…so please check out interview tips and question-answer article for that. Thank You

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