Latest Pilot Jobs In Air Asia – Low Hour A320 First Officer ( All Nationalities)

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Are you looking for the latest pilot jobs in Air Asia? then read this article till the end to apply for Air Asia airline pilot jobs.

AirAsia Berhad – The establishment of Asia’s leading airline was done with the dream of making flight possible for everyone. Since 2001, AirAsia has broken fast travel criteria around the world and has grown to become the best in the world.

Air Aisa Inspired by Dare to Dream Spirit, we are proud to be the largest low-cost carrier in the region, serving more than 24 countries and over 130 destinations.

When we need to respond to the call of nature, then we are not limited by the walls, so all the departments get mixed every day.

As soon as we adopt new technology to become a digital airline, services such as BIG Duty-Free, BIG Pay, BIG Loyalty, Tourist, ROKKI, and Xcite Inflight Entertainment will be an exciting development, which keeps us ahead of the game. Are you with AirAsia is ready to take a low-cost flight with our confidence to a new height, “Now everyone can fly”

latest pilot jobs

Air Asia’s Latest Pilot Jobs Posted at The Below Location

  • Manila
  • CEBU
  • Clark (Philippines)
  • Kalibo

Responsibilities Of The Air Asia Pilot

  1. Participate in the briefing of the crew’s crew, and be aware of relevant documents related to all the relevant aeronautics and weather-related information as well as document the aircraft’s technical status and its anticipated weight.
  2. Ensure that the license, medical certification, passport, and visa are valid and the logbook is kept updated all the time.
  3. Detection of a crosscheck is done to ensure that the necessary documents (license, passport, SEP card, etc.) of all operating tech crew are valid.
  4. Commander executes the functions and functions of PF or PNF guided by in-flight.
  5. Assist the commander in the management of flight deck work systematically arranging a well-balanced work distribution and monitoring of information, flight progress, and monitoring of aircraft systems and inspection of airspace and other flight deck crew members.
  6. Deal with all documents that have to be completed (for example operational flight plans, incident reports, travel reports and etc.).
  7. After the flight is completed, help the commander to complete the document’s document; leave the flight deck clean and tidy for the next crew, handing the aircraft to the next flight party or to the authorized land staff In the absence of the engineer or the responsible person, keeping the aircraft safe and submitting the complete document to the authorized personnel or other such documents To forward bases.

Required Skills & Experience for Pilot Jobs

  • Be a friendly, mature, courteous, honest, meticulous, self-starter, capable of performing under pressure in a challenging environment.
  • Skilled in oral and written English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Ability to maintain high secrecy, tact, and discretion while dealing with people.
  • Good analytical skills and leadership skills.
  • Keep a valid Malaysian ATPL with a valid instrument and type rating, or place a valid Malaysian CPL / IR with Frozen ATPL.
  • Hold a valid DCAM Medical Certificate (Class 1).
  • Level 4 English language proficiency
  • Minimum 500 hours on Airlines Operation Multi Pilot Aircraft
  • Preferably equipped with EFIS / FMS.
  • In the last 12 months, the plane on the current.

Pilot Salary in India and Eligibility to Apply For Pilot Jobs

How to Apply for Latest Pilot Jobs

Click Here to visit the Air Asia official career page and then press on the online apply button and then fill out the application form correctly to apply for the Air Asia cabin pilot.

So If you want to become a pilot then here you will get full details about the latest Pilot jobs in Air Asia. You can apply online.

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