Top 10 Luxurious Airports in the World – 2024 by SKYTRAX

Hello, friends in this Article I am gonna write about the Top 10 Luxurious Airports in the World in 2024. This report is written by helping of SKYTRAX. It’s an organization that is taking the review from the passenger through the country to the country and airport to the airport. Also, you can check – The top 10 airports in the world, and Top 10 airlines in India, and the World’s Cheapest Airline list.

One hundred years and the fastest way to transport is still the plane. From that wonderful career, the Wright brothers won the man’s first person, as the best option for traveling, there has not been any major progress, inventions, or innovation to shoot the airplane. Millions of people travel every day of the plane every day, which translates into thousands of private aircraft, planes, and helicopters flying around heliports, airplanes, and airports around the world and landing on the ground.

Any type of aircraft is required to land at the airport, and there is at least one airport in all the countries of the world. No matter how big or small, how wonderful or simple, for those who travel by air, these airports are essential. These buildings are specially designed for transit stations, pit stops, or garages, especially for airplanes and passengers. As easy as it seems, there is traffic, air, and pedestrian traffic in some airports, which can’t prevent their airport from growing, looking better, and more comfortable for millions of people entering them Feel, if only for a few minutes. However, only in some of these airports, unless the airbags and facilities available for the airplane remain intact and work, nothing in the airport will change. Here is the Top 10 Luxurious Airports list.


Skytrax is a private consulting firm located in the United Kingdom, that reviews the airline and the airport, trains travelers from one country to another, and categorizes the results according to some categories. For the sixth consecutive year, Skytrax has recognized Singapore’s Changi Airport as the best of the top 10 Luxurious Airports. With two parallel tracks and 4 terminals, this airport provides approximately 60 million passengers each year (62.22 million in 2017) and leads to all airports in the overall satisfaction of passengers. Imagine an airport with three orchards, orchids, sunflowers, and cactus. There is also a movie theater, which is an entertainment platform from the Xbox with the console of the console. The best part is that they are free, as long as you are waiting for a passenger flight, all of them are free.


If it was not for Changi Airport in Singapore, according to Skytrax, Haneda International Airport in Tokyo it’s 2nd number on the Top 10 Luxurious Airports. But in the matter of sanitation, this airport is ahead of any other airport in the world. Skytrack has been awarded the cleanest airport in the world in 2013, 2014, and 2016. Haneda International is the world’s best Skytrax National Airport for four consecutive years (2013 through 2016). In 2017, Haneda served more than 16 million international passengers and more than 68 million domestic travelers. There is not much in the case of airport facilities, but this airport is unique about cleanliness. It is so clear that even here nothing will be said about Monica Gayler.

No – 3. INCHEON INTERNATIONAL – SOUTH KOREATop 10 Luxurious Airports

Landing at the International Airport is often an outstanding part of Korean culture for the holiday traveler. According to SKYTRAX, it is no 3rd in the Top 10 Luxurious Airports. There is a wall exhibition and media photography in the Hallway in Terminal 1. There are also classical Korean parades and mini classical concerts, 5 museums, 5 centers of traditional cultural experiences, and huge works of art scattered throughout the airport. All of South Korea’s culture and beauty show. There are also two observation decks, giving a passenger a beautiful view of the beautiful Ocean Gong. Last year, the airport served more than 60 million passengers. Inchial International has been running 6 times in Changi Airport as Skytrax Airport in the last 9 years but received an honor in 2012 and 2009.

Top 10 Luxurious Airports


In the last decade, the HKIA, or the Hong Kong International Airport, has been the best. According to SKYTRAX, it is no 3rd in the Top 10 Luxurious Airports. In the years that it did not get the first prize, the airport was always second or third place. A wonderful park for families traveling near the airport. Dream Come True Education Park is perfect for strengthening that bond between parents and real-life work activities for children and children and parents. Wait for your flight and bond with your child at the same time. There are nine exhibitions and museums of art, culture, and music in HKIA.

No – 5. MUNICH AIRPORT – GERMANYTop 10 Luxurious Airports

Skytrax awarded this airport terminal in 2017 as the Terminal of the world’s best airport. Munich Airport is another luxury airport designed for passenger travelers and it holds 5th position on Top 10 Luxurious Airports. This award was given to Airport 2 Terminal, where passengers enjoy the expertise of their satellite facility in Midfield. It makes everything fast, with fast connection time and normally with an excellent travel experience. The expansion of Terminal 2 gave way to new restaurants and shops, family waiting areas, and ultra-peaceful Lufthansa room. Munich Airport has been in the race for the airport of the year, which is third place in the years 2014, 2015, and 2016. With a little more work, the Munich Airport Tourism and Travel can be the pride and pride of the future in Germany.


So far, we have presented the best of the best. Hamad is in a league with the five airports discussed at the International Airport. Having been awarded the airport’s rare 5-star discrimination by Skytrax and holding 6th position in the top 10 Luxurious Airports. this airport has a lot to offer to its passengers. For starters, there are 10 art exhibitions scattered around the airport near the airport, which are free to see and take pictures of all travelers. There is also a special room for minors incompatible with video games, refreshments, and free play areas. There is also a spa, a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a hydro-bath bathtub, and a squash court.

No – 7. CENTRAIR NAGOYA – JAPANluxury airlines

Masterful Engineering is what makes this wonderful airport possible. An airport built on an artificial island in Japan is a man-made wonder of an airport. Construction began in 2001 and was completed in 2003. They used a lot of sandstone and rock as a landfill, and on the ocean floor, they kept the concrete layers to strengthen it. They left an area on the island for local wildlife, but they used most of the land for the airport and the runway. Another name for Century Nagoya, Chuubu Centaur, won the prestigious 5 Star Airport Award for Skytrack. It is located in ISE Bay, Nagoya in the center of Japan.

No- 8. ZURICH AIRPORT – SWITZERLANDluxury airlines

Have you ever wondered how chocolates, milk, and knives are sent from Switzerland to countries around the world? The answer is through Zurich Airport. It is Switzerland’s largest airport and has three tracks and three terminals. It is also called the Cloton Airport, it is located in the center of Zürich and is in operation since 1947. Zürich Airport served 80,000 passengers daily in 2017. There is a modern design infrastructure in the airport interior. Enjoy free and fast Wi-Fi connections and 80 different stores within the Passenger Airside Center. In 2013, it was awarded by SkyTrack as the best goods delivery at the world’s airports.


Claiming second and fourth-place prizes for the world’s best airport terminals in 2017 says something about London’s Heathrow Airport. This means that Heathrow has two world’s best terminals, although it has four terminals, the best two Terminal 5 (the second best in the world) and Terminal 2 (fourth best). When Terminal 5 was ready for the public in 2008, the queen was officially there to open it. It has different religions, one family room, free unlimited Wi-Fi, and prayer rooms and worship facilities for an art gallery with paintings and statues for sale. Terminal 2 is a place where a famous sculpture called Slipstream measures a length of 230 feet and weighs 77 metric tons, and it is a piece of monstrously elegant architecture.

No – 10. FRANKFURT AIRPORT – GERMANYluxury airlines

Therefore, there are two airports alone in one country. Germany has done it here and in Japan along with Centrum Nagoya and Tokyo Haneda. Frankfurt Airport, with Munich Airport, is the best airport in Germany and the world’s two best airports. Frankfurt Airport served the highest number of travelers in its history last year, with a total of 64,500,386 passengers. Before this, it was the highest in 2015 with more than 61 million passengers so far. For leisure and fun, travelers can choose between three different areas: the film world. Gaming World, or Entertainment Gate. It also has three rooms and sports areas for children.

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