How to Write Air Hostess Resume for Freshers [Download Free Resume]

Friends, do you want to become an air hostess? But you don’t know how to write a perfect air hostess resume for fresher. Then you need to check this article till the end. Also at the end, you will get 3 sample resume to download and edit your self and use it.

So, friends, if you want to write a cabin crew resume for fresher, then here you will get the step-by-step guide to make a resume for air hostess and what you should not mention in your air hostess resume.

Writing a resume can be a little bit of a task, especially when you don’t know what to exactly put in which section and what you can write in an air hostess resume for freshers. It can get even harder when you don’t know what your skills and achievements are to put in that resume, which will take you one step closer to your dream job.

So, here in this article, I will tell you how to structure and write a cabin crew resume. I will also tell you how to make it different in case you’re a fresher or an experienced person from an entirely different field or maybe also in the same field. Apart from that, I’m also going to give you tips and a few examples that will tell you how to write your skills or achievements in an air hostess resume.

air hostess resume

The most important thing when you’re considering a cabin crew job is that you know that hundreds and thousands of candidates are applying for the same job. Therefore it gets even harder for the recruiters to filter all the applications. Therefore the time that they spend on a resume is a maximum of 6 seconds. So it is even more important that you make your resume very short to the point and crisp and not like a very long boring list.

So the thumb rule here is if you’re someone who has seven or eight years of experience and a lot of things to mention in a resume. Then you can go and exceed the length of one page. Otherwise, any other category apart from that should stick to one page only. Guys, one-page length is not that short, but it is up to you. How to make it uh crisp and appealing for the recruiter to see.

So to prepare one resume, you can use Microsoft word or google docs, or any other software that you might think you’re familiar with. But I suggest that in google docs, you also have free templates. So you already have a format given; you have to select a template and start putting in the headings like you have a structure given.

How to Write an Air Hostess Resume for Fresher

  1. Your Name – so the first thing that you want to put on your resume should be your name. Now it is up to you if you want to also put a professional title like a motivator innovator or a cabin crew professional anything you want. But make sure that you justify it in the whole of your resume.
  2. Contact Information – once you’re done with your name next comes your contact information. Now contact information with regards to the cabin crew job is a little different as compared to other jobs. Here you need to mention a few things which you will not mention in any other jobs. Which is our email id. Now I am expecting you guys to take a professional email if nothing which you are gonna carry forward from your schools or colleges or which makes you feel very cool in your social media family or community something like daddy’s princess or hot cool guy or hunk all of these things are extremely unprofessional. Avoid using such email ids at all times. If you ask me I will advise you to go for something wherein you have your name included in that email id you can use any email id Gmail yahoo whatever you feel like. Apart from that, you need to mention your date of birth your address, and also your passport information in case you’re applying for an international airline. Now you must be thinking that why am I asking you to put a date of birth? Because in a cabin crew job some of the airlines are very very strict with their minimum age requirements. Because it can be different some airlines it has 18 years, but most of the international airlines have a 21years. There’s I would prefer that you do not mention like 21 years or 18 years or 19 years. So go ahead and mention your date of birth. It has to go on the top right in the contact information after your email your contact number. So you need to write your address as well apart from that passport number so that international airlines know that you’re already prepared with a valid passport with a validity of six months apart from that if you’re someone who has an elaborated profile.
  3. What you don’t really need to mention here is your marital status, your gender, your social, religious affiliations your interests you don’t really need to mention this here and also you don’t really need to mention your Instagram or Facebook or youtube handles.
  4. You don’t really need it here because this is not the kind of job that requires you to put this kind of information had it been digital marketing or something related to social content writing.
  5. That kind of a position you would want to mention this apart from that photograph with regards to photographing. it is not mandatory for you to put a photograph on your resume. Why because most of the time the airlines will tell you what are the requirements. What are the specific requirements that they are looking for in your photograph for example? They will tell you that your teeth should be showing or not what color of background do they want what your profile needs to be like how you need to stand what you need to wear everything is given and I don’t find any sense of you wasting your money much before submitting a resume to you know to get prepared for these photographs and shoots done and then you
  6. have to get another photo and maybe another photo according to the company’s requirements. Also, you have to have your photo which is very recent. So whenever you are going to apply I will advise you to just get a photo
  7. clicked a day or two before. Nowadays you get photographs ready very quickly so you don’t really have to worry about the time period apart from that. If you are going to put a photograph up to you that’s your wish you can also do that but make sure it is very very professional. and it is not going to spoil your case you have to be very sure of what kind of picture you are putting you are going to affix on your resume. So make sure you have a professional one rather than having a picture that just spoils the whole impression.
  8. Remember this field is very much a combination of resume and how your personal profile and photographs look like. So you have to really keep this thing in mind. Once you’re done with your name and contact information.
  9. Career Objective – always remember to open the resume with a career objective or a summary statement. Now you all must be thinking about what is a career objective and how different is it from a professional summary and how should you choose should you be able to choose between both of them. So a professional summary focuses more on the description of your current experience or your achievements, your work history, and any skills that you’ve gained over a period of time. So it focuses more on what you’re bringing to the table focuses more on what your requirement and needs are from the company and whatever you have achieved. So you give a short introduction of that. Also including a few of your skills and area of expertise so in case you have relevant experience or you’re a flight attendant or anyone from a customer service background. I would highly recommend you to write a professional summary so you can give them just a sort of introduction a brief summary of what you’re bringing to the table. So for experienced candidates, I would highly recommend you to write a professional summary,
  10. On the other hand, a career objective focuses is good for freshers. So in the case of a career objective, your focus is on the aspirations what you’re looking for what you are actually looking from an organization, and what you can deliver you’re looking for growth you’re looking for an experience you’re looking for the kind of things that you’re looking for basically your aspirations. So that is the thing which is this career objective is something which is good for freshers
  11. So now you all must be thinking about how to write a career objective or a professional summary and what are the things that are needed to be included in both of them and how to exactly frame one. So I’m going to give you some basic points that you can include in either of them and also I’m going to give you examples so that it gets, even more, clear. Now in case of a career objective, you would want to make sure that it is short encrypted. So we will keep it from three to five-sentence of a paragraph where you can describe your aspirations and what is your vision of what is looking for. You can also include one or two words um for describing your work ethics and what you actually can do is also include your personality traits and what are you looking for in an organization and also give a preview of your strong assets like maybe your key skills or any areas of expertise or achievements that you’ve had. So now I’ll give you an example of how to write a career objective now most of the times I see that a lot of you candidates writing I am a hard-working professional I am a fast learner I love to travel and communicate with different people and I would be very happy to work with your airline or i’m looking forward to work with your airline but how about if you write it in this way a highly motivated and friendly personality looking for a responsible position to gain practical experience making use of my interpersonal skills to achieve goals of a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer experience or you can also put it and make it a short and simple as seeking a challenging position of a cabin crew in a well-renowned airline to deliver exceptional customer service experience you see the difference in case of a professional summary you need to start with one or two objectives that describe your work
  12. ethics like highly enthusiastic or motivated problem solver something like that you can also talk about your level of education uh give your professional passion or interests have your relevant skills which can either be your heart skills like um confident on a380 operation first aid train something like this or even your soft skills which is multitasker or innovator
  13. things like these so a perfect example for a professional summary would be a well-presented and confident individual with proven ability to provide exceptional customer service having three years of experience as a cabin crew
  14. in world’s five-star airline as per the sky track records in 2011 12 15 17 and 2019 now in this professional summary you have given adjectives to describe yourself you have also shown them that you have passion for customer service and
  15. experience you have also shown that you know about the airline that you’re passionate to join you know that it is the world’s five-star airline you are well aware of its achievements and also the years in which the airline has received
  16. awards and many more so it kind of impresses the job seeker that you’re really interested and passionate to join their airline also in this professional summary we’ve made it specific and we’ve quantified using numbers and it is so specific that’s why
  17. we used world’s five-star airline you can also use the name of the airline to make it more specific now comes the format of the resume now when we talk about the format and how the resume is supposed to be structured i will tell you something like an easy trick using which you can
  18. actually uh solve a lot of your confusions and questions regarding what comes first so there is a lot of confusion amongst people what comes first education or experience so now if you use this trick which is called as a recent
  19. first which also means that you will put the most recent event in your life first meaning in case you’re a fresher or you’re just out of school or college the recent event in your life was education so you will put education first
  20. simply because you want to highlight this to the recruiters as this is the only thing that you have as of now so elaborate it as much as you can just when you’re putting education you can also include courses diplomas or any relevant
  21. trainings as well you should mention the name of the institute name of the college or school mention the degrees that you’ve done or your scores your percentage or your cgpa starting from the latest degree to the 10th standard and elaborate it make sure that all of this is in reverse
  22. chronological order which also means recent first you can have a choice of either doing it in a tabular tabular form or you can also do it in a bullet form that is entirely on you however in case of an experienced individual you do not really need to elaborate the education part and we will come on
  23. to that in a minute let’s talk about the next thing in case of a fresher profile after education so after you’re done your education the next thing which comes is your experience now as a fresher frankly speaking there’s not there’s not a lot
  24. of things that you can include in your experience but don’t worry there are still a lot of things that you can mention in your experience heading you can mention things like projects in college any internship or stipend work that you’ve done
  25. any part-time jobs even if it is working at any of fast food chains any tuitions or volunteer works it can be even in your school or college as a fresher it can also include any trainings or experience in professorial boards if you were a sports
  26. captain things like these now before moving on to the next heading in case of a freshers profile or any experience profile as well let’s first discuss what you’re going to put in the experience section
  27. of an experienced person and how you’re going to make changes in case of education of that experience or an experience candidate you will mention your recent job first and then all your other jobs or any different job roles if you’ve done in a company
  28. making sure all of this happens in the same trick the recent first which is also known as reverse chronological order so what you do is you put the name of the company first the time period on the site and under that you will put your job role
  29. now mention the key responsibilities and deliverables in bullet points remember this is the time to add the things or keywords from the job description and make sure that you justify it throughout the section to show the hr that you have the experience that they are looking for
  30. also try to quantify it or add numbers and try to be specific how let’s see look at this example represented qatar airways for a press conference in 2019 for doha qatar blockade or you can also mention that i won the employee of the year
  31. for jet airways in the year 2016 and so on in this way you are specific about your achievements you are also specifying the number the position the title the year there are a lot of things that is quantifying which enables the the recruiter to get and have confidence in you
  32. now in case you have done different job roles in the same company you’re going to follow the same pattern mention your name of the company at the top and then you can mention different job roles and you can write a few points to briefly describe your achievements or
  33. your roles or your deliverables in bullet format again next comes the education part now for an experienced candidate um it doesn’t really make sense to elaborate your education section as much as a fresher does so only your last degree would do and also if you have any awards or specific achievements that you want to tell the recruiter you can also put it down in the bullet form if you have cgpa or any percentage that you want to show
  34. in the college you can also do that any relevant degrees but keep it very short and crisp so i would just advise you to make three or four bullet points and describe it briefly why because for someone who has like five or six years of experience it doesn’t really make sense to talk about your percentage and your achievements in school because now you want to highlight the
  35. experience and the work that you have done in your career the growth that you have achieved in the relevant field so i think that you should mention and focus on your experience more rather than your education to try to keep your education as crisp and as to the point as you can now the next category is skills interests or your hobbies or we can also call as any additional information in
  36. this section this is the time to brag about you the things that is going to make you different from other individuals so try and include things which are relevant and which can set you apart so you can include any certifications that you’ve done extra languages that you know please don’t forget to mention the level by putting advanced beginner or intermediate you can also mention the trophies that you’ve won
  37. any exam percentages which are relevant any awards extracurricular activities conferences courses travel history hobbies which are relevant and a lot of other things that you want to now try to make it as real and as a view as you can um to explain it better what i’ve seen in some of the
  38. profiles is i find people putting verbs or adjectives like a problem solver teamwork communication skills and then they rate themselves in form of stars now please don’t do that why i have a reason to tell you when you start rating yourself i i don’t reall understand this pattern of rating yourself because if you give yourself a full five star then um you’re you’re coming across as
  39. someone who’s overconfident that you have nothing to learn you are five sign everything and if you rate yourself lesser like two or three star then you’re showing the recruiter that you have a scope of learning you already are giving them questions in their mind that you don’t think yourself
  40. as somebody as eligible that they can they are looking for so uh i don’t think that it is a good idea to rate yourself and your abilities or capabilities or skill in this way rather what you can do is for example you want to talk about your good communication
  41. skills then you should write i enjoy having conversations with different people from different cultures and countries or you can also say that i have traveled 30 countries in three years or you can write about your relevant hobbies like your you love tasting different food and wine and food pairing really interests you something like these in this way you’re also giving them an idea about your skills and your interests and also you’re giving them a
  42. very um actual feel to it like you’re not coming across something that you’ve googled it you really have your own touch to this uh skill and interest heading also try to make it as relevant as you can for example if you look at this job description there are a few yellow words which are highlighted and which are going to be similar in all the kinds of job description
  43. make a note of them and then try to use these keywords in your skills interests or even experience as much as you can try to relate yourself to it and get in sync with your profile related it to your profile and then write about it therefore each thing each bullet point or each word whatever you’re writing in your resume needs to relate to you needs to be specific and tailored to your specific need you can choose up to two to three categories and then elaborate on those points in the bullet
  44. form as per your specific profile for example if you think that you have enough trainings or certificates or skills you can make separate headings for trainings and certificates and put your certifications and talk about them in different bullet points or make a different heading for skills and then put the same follow the same drill put a few bullet points uh regarding the same but remember everything needs to be tailored to your specific profile and the job
  45. description that you’re applying for remember whatever you’ll put in your resume you the probabilities are that you are likely to be questioned on all those topics and things only so as you’re writing try to think what you write and prepare yourself to get questioned on those same topics by the recruiter
  46. so just prepare yourself as in when you’re writing the resume and also prepare for the relevant questions which will be asked you based on your resume your specific profile and that’s all you need to do to make a resume but before you hit the export button and try to print out your resume make sure you proofread your resume you can either ask someone else to do it for
  47. you who is better at communication skills or who has done this before or you can also do it taking the help of online softwares or applications who do it for free um you can also print it out and try to read it aloud so that you can get to know where you’re going wrong but proofread it the second thing is to be honest whenever or whatever you’re writing in your resume please be
  48. honest because it is better to not get a job after being honest rather than lying and just eliminating all your opportunities to be a part of that organization in future so be honest if you are thinking of putting a declaration saying that i hereby declare that all the things that i’m mentioning in my resume is to the best of my knowledge and is absolutely true and clear does not really make any sense if you’re not honest so be honest irrespective if you
  49. hoose to put a declaration or not and if you’re putting a declaration or not i would really highly advise you to put a space for a signature and a date on the day of your resume try to fill it out and update it so it gives an impression that your resume is up to date and you’re signing it by yourself having said that that is all you need to do to structure a resume and try to resume keeping the cabin crew position in mind with that said I hope you found this
  50. the video really helpful and you will be able to now write and structure a resume a cabin through resume yourself if you have any questions you know the drill you need to put them down in the comment section below and just to let you know my upcoming videos is going to be about the resumed series we’re going to going to be talking about the things that you need to do to make your resume 80s proof things you need to avoid and things you need to do to make your resume even better and presentable um
  51. so in case you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet do it now right now and if you have already subscribed do not forget to click on the bell button icon so that you don’t miss any new videos by me and i will see you in my next video till then take care and bye bye

So I hope this article will help you to make the best air hostess resume. If you need more help regarding this information please let us know on the below comment box. Best of luck with your interview.

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