What happens if you put aviation fuel in a regular car?

Hello everyone today I am gonna writes on the topic of Aviation Fuel. And I think its most confusing and asking question from everyone? So, today’s topic is What happens if you put aviation fuel in a regular car?. So, requested to everyone please read the below for full information.

Basically, two types of aviation fuel we can see that is turbine fuel and piston engines fuel. Turbine fuel (Jet-A and Jet-B) is used to give power to jet engines and turboprop engines, while piston engine fuel (EVA) is used on piston engines. Turbine fuel is basically kerosene – similar to diesel fuel – and piston engine fuel is basically petrol – similar to the spark ignition automotive engine.

aviation fuel

There are four different possibilities to use the Aviation Fuel, those are in the below

  1. Turbine fuel on the petrol car –
    This is the worst case scenario. It’s basically like filling diesel fuel on gasoline cars. The car will stay awkward for a while. Fuel spark plugs, valves, piston rings, injection, and fuel system will be dishonest. Expected to be an expensive overhaul.
  2. Piston engine fuel on the petrol car –
    No problem. When I have flown the license of my glider pilot, we filled our mopeds tanks with morning specimens. Avagas lifted tanks and did not have any problem. Unfortunately, Avgas 100 LL will have some tetraethyl lead and will kill a catalytic converter. Although the car may be a little rough.
  3. Turbine fuel on a diesel car – 
    Will run Jet-A is chemically similar to diesel fuel, and a diesel car turbine will run on fuel. However, it can regularly experience knocking as a small number of Jet-A compared to diesel. But you should be able to drive a diesel car with a turbine fuel. You can experience problems with fuel pump and injector, however, there is no good lubricant in the form of diesel fuel in the form of Jet-A. You can add some two-stroke oils in between.
  4. Piston engine fuel on a diesel car –
    As soon as you have petrol in the diesel car The car will run rough, knees a lot and it will be hot, but it should be run. But if you close the engine then there will be fun things. The engine can’t start again – your best bet is to run the tank almost empty and then it is filled with diesel fuel. Diesel can take diesel fuel on petrol, but not for long. So get rid of Agas in your tank.

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