Cabin Crew Secrets! They Never Share with the Passenger

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Hello everyone, do you know the cabin crew secrets? Friend’s whenever we travel by air there is only one person who is helping us on-board they are the cabin crew’s, air hostess or flight attendant.

But we never think that what they do on-board when they are not in front of us.

Cabin Crew Secrets You Should Know

  • A cabin crew is not paid during boarding or until the door to the aircraft is shut. This means it’s mandatory to work about 2 hours prior to starting an actual shift and it’s totally unpaid. So, sometimes passenger thinks that saying hellos and goodbyes are our duties. When a passenger is boarding & deplaning. But it’s not. Even though many airlines do not require them to say it cabin crew is allowed to do it because of the courteous thing to do as a person.
  • The more you delay, the more we hate it. Delay usually means if I go to the hotel for 10 hours of rest before flying the next morning, now it’s 8 hours. These 8 hours include eating, showering, getting ready for bed, getting ready in the morning, and traveling to the airport.
  • My job is first security and second service services It still strikes a stinky spot for people who still believe that flight attendants, unlike glamorized waiters and waitresses, focus our training on customer service and mainly on emergency situations. We do not staff the aircraft to serve passengers, each flight has a specific number of flight attendants because in the case of an emergency, each is responsible for a specific duty, and if this minimum crew is not met and there is no way to find a flight attendant to replace the missing flight attendant. No, cancel the plane There is no other way except the child. This does not mean that I have the right to abuse anyone, but it does mean that it is more security-related than customer service. If there is a security breach, our airline will be fined, we will be disciplined, and even in rare cases, personal penalties have been issued. We are always encouraged to be nice but sometimes nice doesn’t always work. There are some people who think we are being stupid because we told them to sit during turmoil. Usually, nothing happens but if we hit an air pocket, it will force the passenger to pass on a hard surface of the aircraft or on another passenger. It is our job to prevent this from happening. Of course, we’ll always start by saying “Hi, we’re going through some turmoil,” can you please sit down? “If it doesn’t work after a few times and says the passenger is brutally ignoring us, a” sit down, now “is acceptable. No, the customer is not always okay.
  • This is not a private jet. When people do not realize that the service is not personalized, there are 300 other people who are on board. Since we do not need service, the airlines usually hire us for government-mandated crew staffing. If it seems like it’s taking forever to pick up our garbage, look back, you’ll probably find we’re still in the groove sending drinks or just back to the galley and setting up a trash cart. I have encountered passengers who could not remember what they were drinking during the first service or were pressed to request a call light tea drink before we closed the boarding door and barely catered. I urge passengers to write to airline companies if their complaint is too slow because they decide to hire an additional flight attendant for service related duties. However, based on the history of how air travel is becoming, it is likely that the airline will reduce the service for faster service and have an equal amount of staff. Most travelers, in fact, do not select airlines based on service, so most airlines are cost-competitive.
  • The water from the plane is overwhelming. I’m really sorry for our coffee and hot water drinks. That water is in a tank underneath the airplane, and I’ve never seen the tank come out clean.
  • (This varies with the airlines) We do not get paid extra or we do not “work” to work in a premium cabin. On certain planes, it is more desirable to work in the economy (usually aircraft configuration, staffing, etc.). There are certain routes where I absolutely look forward to working in first class and business class, and if given a choice, I’d rather work in economics. Working in first class does not mean that you are “most experienced”. On the first day of the job, I was a “first-class flight inspector” and on that particular plane/route, it was usually the most junior person who ended up with this position.
  • It is impossible to convince everyone and at times a good deed bites us. When I first started flying, I was given a sandwich by a passenger who was treated and forgot to bring food. Well, another passenger later demanded that he be returned because it was “not the case that he got it free but he had to pay”. I told him that I could not return and that he would be discriminated against. It can also be taken by a passenger to the aisle seat. Maybe the guy in the window seat isn’t well and doesn’t care, or maybe he’s the stupid guy who’ll complain that I’ve allowed someone who doesn’t pay for that seat to sit there. I didn’t know since I got on the plane. Yes technically he didn’t pay for all the seats in this row, but you wouldn’t believe how some people twist things once they’re wrong. A woman near me told me that I was the worst flight attendant whenever I was stressed and I was working in a completely different cabin than I was sitting and didn’t even talk to her. Many people think that because something bad happened we should give them something complimentary; Open the insect cans as you see better. Basically, if I do it for you I have to do it for everyone else.
  • It’s hard to answer the question “How much do you earn in a month”. It depends on how we travel to travel and how we decide to go on I can work 20 days, exhausting trips that give me enough time to go to the bathroom to eat and I earn half the amount of time I need to get to work, 5 stars in hotels. Stay and live like a paid vacation It’s all in the same airline. In a good month, my friends and I see my work as a dream job. I did travel work where literally I was paid to do quite a bit. I ate, sat down, chatted, read my books/magazines, and waited for the crew to take my break in the rest bunks. Then we landed, a hotel that was searched for $ 500 USD per night, revisited the city (I came up with my significant other on this trip), made a living, and the return plane was the same thing. I had 2 passengers, both ate and wanted nothing but to sleep and be alone. So I was waiting to eat, read, chat, and go to bed in the bunks. During this whole trip, I was paid and I couldn’t believe it was my “job”. Given my age, someone makes it closer to 2 weeks to do 9-25 workouts 5 days a week. I had other trips where for literally 13 hours I felt like I was walking nonstop (I checked my Apple Watch, I walked 11 miles). Not even a moment to eat, and barely able to use a bathroom. Checked into a hotel I’m sure people were murdered and were able to lie in bed for just 6 hours before the next day to repeat the same thing and pay below my country’s poverty level.
  • We’ll let you know if we expect to crash. The Captain will give you the same information we know if there is time and then we will start the emergency landing. My job is to make sure we all come alive. Of course, I want you to be as prepared as possible.
  • Working in the airline industry has made me skeptical about killing innocent people off a plane. I am not saying that they are all lying. I’m just saying that we have a disciplinary command that we follow before removing someone from our flight. This involved about 10+ people (and from different departments) who all agreed that there should be no passengers on the flight, lots of paperwork, and possible delays (without pay). I’m not looking for extra work for myself with anything trivial and I just want to go home.
  • If your boarding is delayed because they are missing a flight attendant and you are seeing a flight attendant get off the plane. This flight attendant was probably not the flight attendant that caused the delay. At the airports, we have standby flight attendants (two at a time) who are dressed in uniforms, bags packed and ready to go if a flight is needed, or reserve flight attendants who receive short notice to cover a trip when another colleague cannot. I was called to work for a flight because the flight attendant was supposed to be working because of a bad car accident (he could not notify her why she would not stay). I got to the gate within 5 minutes of my notice and got a glimpse of the passengers. I too received 3 hours’ notice for the reserve flight (I’m an hour away from the airport) so I was the only attendant crew member and of course, the passengers were annoyed at me but didn’t know the situation. The worst is when we are exposed to the weather (Mother Nature’s fault), and many of our crew are displaced and we have to fly to other airports to assist with aircraft work. I’ve done it, but I usually get mad when the passengers don’t realize that I decided not to take the plane, each of them probably spending the night at the airport.
  • We need to be diplomatic in our situation to avoid discrimination. For example, the person who is overweight and slips in your seat on a full flight? I can’t tell her to suck her gut or ask a slim person to switch with you. However, you can, because the worst that can happen is that you get a number and maybe a glimpse. If I do, then I risk a potential lawsuit against my airline or, worst of all, my job. With the age of social media, a lot of things get wrapped up. I never wanted to be a flight attendant who “harassed the mother and her crying baby” or “never let a man sleep without treatment” because he breathed. Your crew may be strangers to each other. I work on a big airline so it’s not uncommon to fly with each other before. Sometimes I don’t meet all my crew members for hours in the air.
  • There is nothing we can do about your lost bag, delay, or booking your ticket. Sometimes I’ll get passengers who complain to me about stuff I can’t really do. These include food, entertainment choices, and airlines dissatisfaction. Yes, I am an airline flight attendant, but I do not work in all departments of the airline. I have been training on how to get off the plane but have not received training or information on where to find lost bags or how to book a passenger ticket. Also, we do not make food. They will be on a cart with a load on the plane and we will heat it just for you. If we have any leftovers, I can give you another meal option (usually a coach with two), but if you don’t like it, I can do very little.
  • (This is completely based on my aircraft) Our training is solid We went through a 3-month training program in which 90% was safety, treatment and safety-related. Each day was on average 10 hours closer, and there was only one day a week and multiple test holidays. After we are done, I can say that I felt pretty confident in ordering removal, fighting the fire, or using an AID when needed. I had my first emergency landing when I started flying in my first month and I was quick to respond as if it were almost second nature. However, in these 3 months, we probably received 1 hour’s worth of customer service training. I was also someone who had never worked in my life before becoming a flight attendant. So yes! It was my first day of work when I was first served with a food tray or touched by an alley. If I had run out of oxygen to a passenger, I would have been more nervous about serving coffee drunk coffee and a food tray. When the order of service came out I had no idea what I was doing and was just observing what I saw my senior crew members doing. Travelers would be crazy because they sometimes had to wait longer because I had no idea that my food started heating up 20 minutes earlier. Although I am much better now, I promise.
  • The airport you’ve been to see us, we are probably unfamiliar with. I had just relocated to a new base, so I was returning home from a trip and clearing duty for the first time at the airport. A woman came up to me and demanded I take her to the service desk. I was exhausted for 17 hours a day trying to get in my car to beat the traffic and try to leave the airport like all the other passengers. Frankly, I could help him from a human to a human level, but he was extremely rude in the way he approached me. I humbly informed him that I did not know, and he claimed that since I was an employee it was my right to assist him. I told him again, “Sorry, I don’t know” and I hinted at a customer service agent who certainly knew my way to the airport better than I did. He then proceeded to storm, not before rolling his eyes at me. Just because I report to work at the airport, does not mean that I am an airport wizard – my responsibilities are only on the flight. Just as I have decided to stop for a drink at Starbucks on my way to work, I am not obliged to close everything and assist the person who is flying the airline for me.
  • There is really no point in seeking an upgrade. During boarding, we ask for an upgrade but on my airline, flight attendants do not handle tickets/reservations (completely different sections). We do not know which seat will be occupied until our final manifest before the boarding door is closed. At My Airlines, we have rules against unauthorized upgrades, and if this is a security issue, we can only move you to a separate cabin and we cannot take you inside your ticketed cabin if you think the upgrade is X, Y, Z. As compensation, the company has done, but the best course of action will be the company So that they can enroll in the solution. I have seen my fair share of upsetting scandals (from self-injury to planes, weeping stories to stories) that will not move anyone unless there is a very valid reason. Many of us will fly the same routes, and yes I have seen the same passenger twice trying to pull off the same scandal. Also, it can be seen as unfair to our passengers who actually paid for their premium cabin seats / achieved this with their airline loyalty status.
  • We are human and we make mistakes. Usually, at the end of a long trip, my interactions with passengers can get a bit foggy (I’ve flown 15 flights in 4 days). I would mix the drink order because after a while it started to become a jumble of all combinations. So if I’m walking in the front of the plane and I’ve got about 10 requests on the way, I’m bound to forget about some of them. People are crazy, but it’s really nothing personal. I probably wouldn’t have had one experience with thousands of people in a short period of time, and I probably wouldn’t recognize you at the terminal.
  • It really bothers all the cabin crew, when some people think that we are worthless and just give them their food/drink there. Yes, it is part of the job but it is not our main job. If my main task was to hand over the drinks, the airlines would have been able to operate the flight attendants for a long time without a minimum crew with prepared meals and vending machines and aircraft, and the planes would never have to be delayed or canceled due to lack of crew. As a result, the airline will save a few million even if not billions in salaries/benefits.
  • However, the cabin crew’s main task is to make sure we get to our destination safely and that we can all go to our family. This is the job I am proud to do and the one I signed up for.

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So, I request to all who are traveling by air and who don’t want to let their daughters and sons join as cabin crew. Please respect this job and without knowing the details and knowledge don’t say anything wrong.

So, I hope cabin crew secrets details will help my all aviation dreamer friends and all the air traveler passengers to know cabin crew better understand them, and respect them in a better way. Thank you.

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