Some Secret things we don’t know when flying internationally

when flying internationally

Hello, friends welcome to Aviation Dreamer here you can find your favorite aviation jobs and also get some exited interview tips. But today I want to discuss a different topic that is Some Secret things we don’t know when flying internationally. So, if you are traveling internationally or planned to travel then you can read this article to get a knowledgeable person about your flight.

  1. You do not know how secure you are. I know that the plane feels like it has escaped from breaking into your window but the rest assured that it was more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) away.
  2. The pilots are probably sleeping on your head. On some planes like Airbus A 350 or Boeing 777, the crew’s rest area is in the top of the main cabin. You probably will not notice that it is there, and that’s it. I want to swim in the shark tank instead of talking to a tired pilot.
  3. They also have long flight distances because they fly with ‘highways’. This is because the plane flies along a certain path, in which the ‘gap point’ connects them. A path point is a digital point on the surface of the earth, which is used to route through the path.
  4. Your flight is longer than the direct flight because they have to stay close to the airport on the way. You will not pay attention, but a rule called ‘ETOPS’ means that some planes have to stay within a certain distance from a suitable airport at all times. However, it does not matter, in general, ETOPS is about 180 minutes away or 370 minutes away from the airport.
  5. Quantas offers flights from Los Angeles to New York. It is part of Brisbane’s New York flight and they can sell tickets for any Australian Segment flight (Brisbane to New York, Brisbane to Los Angeles etc.) Many other airlines also do this, like Cairns Pacific Flight to Brisbane from Cairns. Since Cow David told, airlines cannot sell tickets for flights, which are between two points in the same foreign country. This means that for QF15, there are no new people on the plane to go to New York.
  6. Your plane is more than you think. While you may assume that a passenger plane takes the passengers, in fact, it is too much. To earn more money per flight, airlines often sell valuable cargo spaces (in coaches under the main cabin). After all, why send half the truck full of goods on the same journey, which makes Southwest Airlines flight 5 times a day? Although it can backfire: Valujet flew 592 because they tried to transport explosives in freight.when flying internationally
  7. Please do not blink when you land. There is a good chance that the pilot pressed the ‘Autoland’ button and after that nothing touched. Even if the pilot plane is gone, then they are trained to do this and it is not a miracle that you have made safely.
  8. The crash path is less than the planes you think. Everybody gets out of the plane crash, but that’s because it’s a lot worse, and B) is very rare. Actually, if you’ve read it in my answer, then a good 400-passenger aircraft has already stopped. And the last time you saw the Qantas or Singapore Airlines plane crash? I saw that the last plane was due to the garbage maintenance of an Asian budget airline. I did not remember the last time I saw the Delta or Lufthansa plane crash.
  9. Not every sound you hear is bad. Whether it seems to be a bunch of dog barking, a robot mating ritual, or a bunch of tin cans tied to a car, it’s going to happen. Many flight systems can be quite noisy (especially on a European plane), and we have a lot of systems to take care of bleeding air from flaps.
  10. Your plane does not have as much fuel as you would expect. A heavy aircraft use more fuel, so usually, an airline carries enough fuel to reach its destination (plus some extra fuel for safety). You will not see the difference.

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