Cabin Crew Eligibility Criteria & Grooming Skills for Freshers in 2024

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Do you want to become a cabin crew? then here is the detailed information about cabin crew eligibility criteria and cabin crew grooming skills details for freshers.

So, if you want to become a cabin crew or flight attendant you should check out the cabin crew requirement criteria for fresher before applying.

cabin crew eligibility criteria

Cabin Crew Eligibility Criteria

  • Education Qualification – Most domestic airlines accept crew with 10 + 2 but if we are talking about international airlines they require graduation.
  • Age Requirements – For domestic airlines, it is a minimum of 18 years, and for international is 21 year
  • Height Requirements – Most domestic airlines ask for a minimum of 5 3″ but international airlines usually require an Arms reach test.
  • Weight Requirements – Height and weight have to be in proportion. BMI is calculated and has to be maintained. I have spent years maintaining my weight and trust me it’s a hard life you can look and smell the chocolate cake but never devour it remember once on the lips always on the hips.

Cabin Crew Grooming Skills

Hair – If you love colored hair then this is not the job for you. Ever wondered why all indigo crew look almost the same? Its hair. Every airline has strict rules about hair and has to be made into a bun or French knot for flight. If your hair is short, it cannot go down the neck. Keep these requirements in mind for the interview.

Nails – The airline usually gives you a list of colors allowed. For the interview keep it simple and put nude nail paint. Boys, please keep your nails clean. All the nail-biters out there please stop biting your nails a few weeks before the interview and get a manicure. I hope that will be better for you.

Skin- Your skin has to be clear, every airline is very Sirius about it. No visible tattoos, no visible scars, or cuts are allowed. Use makeup if you need to hide a scar but remember you will have to hide it till you fly with that airline.

Remember skin color does not matter to become a cabin crew. I am dark and I have flown for 8 years with the leading airlines in the world. You need to accept yourself first to accept people.

Piercing – No piercings allowed so take them out your tongue and eyebrows only one in each ear and by that, I mean for girls.

Makeup – It’s an intricate part of this job and even if you don’t like it you have to do it. For the interview get proper makeup done, and put bright lipstick on ( red should be amazing).

Boys are allowed to wear clean clothes and clean save please be dressed immaculately for the interview and have a clean-shaven face. Clean any facial hair including ears and nose (I know it’s crazy but that’s how it works )

Uniform – For the interview wear smart formals. For ladies wear a well-fitted skirt which is to your knees and a well-fitted shirt, no boobs peaking through the shirt holes, and wear proper undergarments.

Boys can wear a well-fitted suit or shirt and pants. Please don’t wear any low-waist baggy pants and a see-through shirt.

In addition, I suggest that you do not need to take any special course to attend a flight school or join an airline. You need to be confident during the interview and you should be fine. Let’s maintain your smile.


  1. Does skin color matter to becoming a cabin crew?

    Remember skin color does not matter to become a cabin crew. I am dark and I have flown for 8 years with the leading airlines in the world. You need to accept yourself first to accept people.

  2. Is graduation necessary for cabin crew?

    No, it’s not mandatory. If you are applying for any domestic airline, then they need to check your 10+2 class. if you are interested in applying for an international airline then you need to check the graduation.

  3. How can I apply for cabin crew?

    To apply for a cabin crew job you need to check the airline’s official website. Also, you can check out for cabin crew and ground staff job updates.

  4. What qualifications do you need to be a flight attendant in the UK?

    Normally you need to clear your graduation to work as a flight attendant in the UK.

  5. Do flight attendants fly for free?

    It depends on the airline. Sometimes it’s free and sometimes it has some discount.

  6. Do flight attendants have to be skinny?

    No. Airlines do not require skinny or too-healthy people. They allow hiring as per BMI. So, if you know your BMI and you are fit then you can apply for this job.

We hope this information will help you to understand cabin crew eligibility criteria in detail. Which will help you to clear your doubts and queries.

Still, if you have any queries related to cabin crew jobs and interviews please let me know. Also, you can check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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