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Do you become an air hostess? then it’s super important to know about the air hostess dress code. Allows airlines mention to their vacancy page that candidates to present themselves in business attire. Because of all the airline is very conscious about their cabin crew or flight attendant. You should remember that we are talking about a job based largely on your look.

Air hostess or cabin crew are the company’s image. Their attire must always be impeccable, from top to bottom. So, below I have shown you the main topic that we are going to discuss today cabin crew dress code for the interview.

  • Your Suit to wear for interview day.
  • Best shirt for your interview.
  • Skirt for your air hostess interview.
  • Which Tie did you choose for the cabin crew interview?
  • Your hairstyle.
  • Types of Stockings are allowed.
  • Guide for cabin crew makes up.
  • Trim your Nails
  • Which shoes you should wear for an air hostess interview?
  • Some purse suggestion to carry your document.

You should remember that when you are on duty with your team, you should be in a proper attitude. In addition to an ideal look to travelers, hopefully, you show kindness, empathy, hospitality, and humor, and usually, you should show a smiling face with confident.

Candidates seek out all the above-mentioned points in the interview given by them. It’s easy for a recruiter only, at first sight, to determine whether or not you are ready for their airline cabin crew.

air hostess dress

Therefore, the first impression is important in the cabin crew interview. As long as you can draw them with your attitude, or they can influence them with your knowledge and English skills. The way you are seeing that recruiters do the first test. So please check out the below information for details about cabin crew interview attire for an interview day.

Note – here you can check out Emirates Airlines’ cabin crew open day list for all nationalities with the online application link.

Flight Attendant Outfit in Interview Day for Men

  • Suit

I suggest you go for a dark suit, with pants and jackets in the same color and design. As a tip, you can wear a dark blue suit, black or dark gray for your cabin crew interview. But remember the suit should be of good quality, and which will not easily cause wrinkles.

Here you can visit our Amazone influencer page, where we have listed some suits, shirts, ties, blazers, skirts, and all the required accessories to get ready for a cabin crew interview.

  • Shirt

Friends I suggest to my followers that for the cabin crew interview dress, you can wear white or any light color shirt, which is perfectly ironed. If you wear cufflinks, you can wear them for the interview, they are classy and elegant. Here I am suggesting some more color variants – which will be safe choices for your interview. Those are white, beige, light pink, light blue, blue, green, red, grey, and black.

  • Tie

Wear a simple, plain, or colored that matches your suit and shirt. Please avoid ties with too strident or with patterns. Friends as all of you know a tie is a must-have accessory for the male business attire for a cabin crew dress code.

  • Hair

Your hair needs to be styled neatly and neatly. A completely shaved head is not accepted unless you have a medical reason for it, so try to keep your hair at least 2 mm long. If your hair is long, then use the gel to install it and style it professionally. So I allow you to recommend that, before the day of the interview, go to a haircut for a professional haircut and a suitable beard.

  • Nails

Your nails should be properly groomed by filing and trimming them to look nice, neat, and clean.

  • Accessories

Men’s accessories are few and very simple. The flight attendant interviewed recommended using a black belt, black shoes( perfectly polished), and black socks.

You will need a watch in a classic design to match the rest of your attire.

An elegant suitcase for your documents would also be a plus for the overall outfit.

  • Strictly Prohibited

If you are married, or you like wearing a ring, keep them in your middle or ring finger, not more than a ring per hand. Remove earrings, facial piercings, bracelets,s and whatever other visible jewelry you normally wear, remove them.

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Men’s complete Grooming Video and sum-product listed to use for prepaid cabin crew interview. Our YouTube channel is Aviation Dreamer.

Flight Attendant Outfit on Interview Day for Women

  • Blazer

It is really important to wear a blazer on the open day of an air hostess. So for an interview, you can wear a plain blazer. But bind your blazer and skirt in the same color. Make sure the blazer fits you well and appreciates your presence.

  • Shirt

I suggest to my followers that you can wear a white or any light color shirt for the cabin crew interview dress which will match your organization and will be fully ironed. If your shirt is viewable, make sure you wear a top below, so that the bra is not visible. More than 1.2 buttons with less neckline or no buttons are not accepted.

Here I am suggesting some more color variants – which will be safe choices for your interview. Those are white, beige, light pink, light blue, blue, green, red, grey, and black.

  • Skirt

My recommendation is to wear a knee-length skirt. But remember mid-knee not more or less than that is not allowed. The skirt should be just a bit loose and avoid a pencil skirt for flexibility. The skirt should not be so much skinny because it looks bad.

Here I am suggesting some more color variants – which will be safe choices for your interview. Those are black, navy blue, gray, or brown.

  • Stockings

If you go into the interview, then you really need to wear trunks, even if it is hot. Choosing nude trunks is very important, not black or other colors. It is good to have an extra pair with you on the day of the interview if you need it.

Note – here you can check out the Qatar Airways cabin crew open day list for all nationalities with the online application link.

  • Shoes

There is a beautiful pair of high-heeled shoes – but be careful not to pick up any of the following, such as stylos, sky-high heels, patent leather, peep toes, sandalwood, or heavily decorated shoes. In addition, avoid ballerinas and flat boots in general. A simple black leather pair of pumps with a 10-cm heel is the ideal choice (and also super-economical).

  • Makeup

The best and free way to learn flight attendant makeup or grooming is from the YouTube channel. Check the below video for cabin crew interview day makeup. Start your makeup with the Concealer and also expose your skin tone and texture. As a last touch, you can choose a perfect blush. And lipstick of red or nude color. It is advisable to choose lipsticks instead of lip gloss. This gives you a more serious and professional look.

In shades of metal it is advisable to avoid “smoky eyes” or cosmetics, as well as a lot of blush and mascara.

Do not forget about your manicure and pedicure also.

  • Hair

If your hair is less than your shoulder line, make sure that you can style it neatly, and eventually use some simple hairpieces when it comes to your face. If the length of the hair is more than the shoulder line, then you should be styling it in a bunion or French twist.

  • Nails

Your nails should be properly groomed by filing and trimming them to look nice, neat, and clean. When it comes to nail polishes, avoid bright colors and go for more neutral and nude colors such as mauve instead of white, or ruby deeper red instead of bright red.

  • Purse

A purse will complete your entire look. Choose a simple, medium size (no envelope, no oversized bag), elegant (with handle or strap) without other applications, chains, or stones.

  • Accessories

A chic scarf can touch a “flight attendant” on his own, matching his organization. You can wear a scarf at the neck, with a single or double knot. Also, be careful about jewelry, without chains or bracelets, not more than a ring per hand. In the context of earrings, choose something small, earrings, not more than stones or pearls. Your watch should be small with a leather strap or metal. Avoid rhinestones or other applications and plastic goods.

Note – here you can check out some airline interview question lists which will help you to pass this interview. Also, you can check out other airline jobs like ground staff jobs and flight attendant jobs.

Friends, I think now you have proper knowledge about the air hostess dress code. But for some important information that you should remember, allows keep your document when you go and sit for an interview. And keep prepared for your cabin crew jobs.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information. Thank you best of luck.

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