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A passport is an official travel document that permits the holder to travel overseas. It also proves the identity and confirming the holder is a citizen of the issuing country. Day by day Ministry of External Affairs in India simplifies the rules to Get Your Passport Prior to Police Verification.

And apart from that, all we know is that this is a very important document to apply for an Airport job. Even nowadays without a passport airport authorities and airlines, are just canceling the job application. So nowadays it is a really important document for all AVIATION DREAMER.


This document is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs in India, and applicants are subject to stringent checks during their application.

In the previous time after applying it takes a long procedure due to the police verification. that had to be done prior to the passport being issued. But now the time is changed government changing the rules. The application process is very simple with the less document.

Applications are screened at multiple levels, from document checks to police verification reports, before the passport is issued to the applicant.

However, the Ministry for External Affairs has recently issued a notification that – Police verification would be conducted after the issue of the passport provided but there have some criteria are met.

Applicants will have to submit the following documents to avail the prior service

  1. PAN card.
  2. Aadhaar card.
  3. Voter ID card.
  4. Affidavit confirming no criminal record.

Also, You can watch my video to apply for a passport online

While this is a welcome move for passport applicants and the new rule is available only to those who apply for a fresh passport.

Directly you can visit the govt. Official Website — by click here

This facility was earlier available only for tatkal passport applications. Now it has been made available for all issue normal/fresh passports. As a result of this, the passport application processing time has greatly reduced. Because the police verification was the process that used to take up a lot of time due to the negligence of the Officers. Or maybe some documentary issue.

Applicants in certain states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Delhi will benefit from this notice from the Ministry of External Affairs. As the police verification process generally happened between 20-45 days to complete. So the applicant should have to long wait for this document.

While a number of applicants will be enjoying that the waiting period will be reduced. Those applying for this re-issue will have to go through the pre-issue police verification for the time being, as the facility has not been extended to passport re-issue applications.

So it’s good news for all the students or the candidate who wants to join the Aviation industry. Or go abroad for a job or education. and thanks to the government to look into this matter and simplifies the process and reduce the waiting period.

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