Philippine Airlines Cabin Crew Hiring Details for Fresher in 2024

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Are you looking for a Philippine Airlines cabin crew vacancy in 2024? then don’t worry here you will get full details about PAL Express cabin crew hiring for fresher.

If your dream job is to become a cabin crew or flight attendant in any airline and if you are from the Philippines then this article will help you to fulfill your dream and get a job at the Philippine National Airline.

Here in this article, you will get full details about PAL cabin crew requirements criteria, their job description and how you can apply for pal cabin crew online, and Philippine Airlines cabin crew salary and benefits.

philippine airline cabin crew

About Philippine Airline

Philippine Airlines is a Philippine government-owned airline. Which is the biggest airline in the country If you will get a chance to work as a cabin crew then you can easily fulfill your dream.

The airline is also known as PAL Express. Its headquarters is located at PNB Financial Center in Pasay City, Philippines. The airline was founded in 1941 and this is Asia’s first and oldest commercial airline. The Philippine airline hub is located at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila.

The airline serves 31 destinations in the Philippines itself and 54 destinations in other countries.

Philippine Airlines Cabin Crew Requirements Criteria

  • All the fresh graduates and Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply for Cabin Crew.
  • Applicant height requirement is at least 5′ 3″ for females and 5′ 6″ for a male.
  • Weight should be proportionate to height. (As per the airline’s rule)
  • Physically fit is mandatory for these jobs.
  • A high level of personal appearance and grooming is required.
  • No tattoos should be visible while wearing the PAL express uniform.
  • A clear Complexion is required.
  • Empathy with a positive attitude.
  • A desire to work in the domestic and international environment.
  • Must be fluent in English and Tagalog. Foreign language is a plus.

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PAL Express Cabin Crew Job Description

  • More than the airline in the customer and service.
  • Become the ambassador of the airline to secure loyalty and frequent business of travelers.
  • Fulfill all emergency and safety requirements in a professional and thoughtful way.
  • To ensure that all the company is communicating well with the contents of the cabin crew manual.
  • Maintaining standard grooming of the hospitality industry.
  • Perform under pressure within tight deadlines.
  • Ensuring the needs of others, and being sensitive to the understanding of special needs, and other cultures are accomplished in a professional, enthusiastic, and caring manner.
  • As a Philippine airline cabin crew, you should resolve situations with calm and self-confidence.
  • Demonstrate a readiness to make decisions for decision-making and action.
  • Analyze the issues, and make logical decisions based on relevant information.
  • Use clear communication strategies for all steps when you will work with us.
  • Demonstrate and communicate awareness about comprehensive organizational issues.
  • Maintain effective work behavior in front of failures.
  • High awareness about service and quality standards.

Friends you need to have a great resume for cabin crew interviews. If you don’t have that you can get help from our aviation resume expertHURRY

List of Documents for PAL Cabin Crew Hiring

You should bring the below document to attend the Pal Express cabin crew interview

  1. 1 Updated resume
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Comply with your educational certificate and mark sheet.
  4. 2 copies of passport size half image with business attire.

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How to Apply Online for Philippine Airlines Cabin Crew

If you want to apply for a PAL express cabin crew online please visit here. It will redirect you to the airline’s official website. Where you can check all available vacancy updates.

Then you need to click on the apply now button and fill out the information with the soft copy of the updated resume or CV.

And then click on the submit option then it will show “Your email has been sent to the airline”.

Now just we need to wait for the reply from the airline.

PAL Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits

  • As a Philippine airline cabin crew, you will get a salary of 23509 PHP to 31345 PHP per month. (It depends on the city and the airport that you have been posted to and also how much experience you have?)
  • All the employees can get an air ticket facility for personal use and also for their families. (allowances provided as per company rule)
  • Life Insurance benefit.
  • Health Insurance benefits.
  • The airline will provide the pick and drop for their crew members.

Freinds you need to have a great resume for cabin crew interview. If you don’t have that you can get help from our aviation resume expertHURRY


  1. Can 5’2 be a cabin crew?

    People 5,2 ‘tall can be cabin crew. For that, he has to find an airline that employs people of this height. I know the number of airlines is very low. But if you are looking for a job with a small airline or a private airline then you will have the advantage of getting the right job depending on your height.

  2. Is cabin crew a permanent job?

    It depends entirely on the airline. But yes most airlines hire cabin crew permanently and some airlines hire cabin crew on a contract basis.

  3. Do flight attendants need perfect teeth?

    No. The airline never tells you that you should have just perfect teeth. But yes, airlines look for candidates with good and presentable teeth and a healthy smile.

  4. Can a married girl apply for the Philippine airline’s air hostess?

    Yes, of course, you can apply for a Philippine Airlines Air Hostess job after completing a 10 + 2 / Higher Secondary Exam. No problem with your marital status. But I advise everyone to check the criteria of specific job requirements before applying.

  5. Can an air hostess marry?

    Yes, an air hostess can get married. But for that, they have to accept some conditions. That is, air hostesses will be allowed to marry on the condition that they have worked for four years and – caught here – that they will not become pregnant.

Here you can check out the step-by-step guide to pass your cabin crew interview (cabin crew interview question and answer).

So, I hope this article will help you very much to apply for the Philippine Airlines cabin crew vacancy as a fresher. Now just you need to prepare yourself to crack the interview.

But remember that you need to check out the required criteria for each vacancy.

Friends after all this information if you need any more information from us or want to contact us for an aviation job query or help please comment below or contact us from our Contact Us page. Also, we have a Facebook page and YouTube channel under the same name AVIATION DREAMER. Thank You

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