Indigo Cabin Crew Interview Rounds Full Details for You Step by Step 2024

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Hello, friends are preparing for the Indigo airline cabin crew interview? then this article is for you only because here I will tell you about Indigo cabin crew interview rounds in detail.

So I hope this article will help you to attend the Indigo cabin crew interview.

So, good morning everyone, today my friend Papiya will share her cabin crew interview experience with Indigo Airlines. Now she is an experienced cabin crew in an international airline.

Friends we are writing on this topic because of you, you’re guys comment or message us to help you regard the cabin crew interview. So we are allowed to try to do better for you. Also, each and every month Indigo lined up many interviews.

Friends I am Papiya, an experienced cabin crew, and today I am gonna share my experience about Indigo cabin crew interview rounds in detail and how you can get to those in the different rounds.

indigo cabin crew interview rounds

But if you know already about what are the different rounds of the airline Interview you can prepare yourself. Or you can check this, I think it will definitely help you at least armor yourself already before you attend the interview.

I think this is the time that it should really think to get ready for the interview. Below are the interview round details for the Indigo cabin crew.

Indigo Cabin Crew Interview Rounds

1. Introduction Round

Guys, I am starting now so the first round is the introduction round and you can call the airline starting with the same round. But don’t think that they gonna be judge you on how you give your introduction.

Friends In the first round they will check or select you on the basis of how you talk, also your body language, your grooming, your makeup, your smile, your walk, and everything they need on their new cabin crew package. You should be a multi-talented or perfect person. So that you can qualify yourself to be in the second round of the interview.

Remember guys first round is very very important, most of the time focus on the last round but the first round in itself is the qualifying round so if you qualify, then you will be able to reach the third round of the interview.

And I think it will help you to understand what you should prepare for the Indigo interview.  Also, you need to understand that we should understand body language, how you need to do it, how you need to have a smile on your face, why you need to have your eyes, you need to shake hands when you are meeting the interview for the first time.

Sometimes that is very difficult because the number of people coming for an interview is pretty large. You know it is not something you the number is limited to 200-300 interviewers, Now it’s cross a thousand candidates on a cabin crew interview. It is very very difficult you have to make yourself understand.

So, nowadays you should have detailed knowledge that what the interviewers need from you because day by day it’s gonna be taught to freshers.

Friends most of the time we are focused on our communication but remember in the cabin crew interview interviewer/airline give 93% on your body language and appearance and only 7% for your communication skills.

So, in the first round, it’s very very important to show an attractive personality, body language, smile, well dressed and grooming, along with communication skills.

So, after qualifying for the first round of interviews you will move to the indigo cabin crew 2nd round of interviews. But normally that will be conducted on another day because of the large number of candidates. If it is conducted on the other day they will give you a sheet where everything will be mentioned about your 2nd round of interviews.

Note – Here is the list of Indigo Airline cabin crew interview questions and answers for you for your interview.

2. GD Round (Group Discussion)

Friends after successfully completing the 1st round of interviews Indigo Airlines will appoint you for the 2nd (GD round) round. Sometimes it may happen on the same day but generally, it’s happened on the mentioned date and time in the appointed letter.

Don’t take the GD round as complicated as you think. Because of airline allows a simple topic like Dog vs. Cat. In the group discussion round, they just make some groups of 5 to 7 people. Then give them a topic like Cat vs. Dog, Television vs. newspaper, etc.

The airline just wants to check how you speak, your body language, your contribution to others, your kindness, and how you can manage with your team partner. So, keep coming and be patient when you are on the topic.

Here Are Some Group Discussion Tips for You

  • Pay attention to your behavior
  • Be courteous with fellow speakers
  • Be confident and keep adding ‘good’ points
  • Ensure that your words make sense
  • Don’t be afraid to start
  • Use supporting statistics and examples
  • Participate in mock GDs beforehand
  • Brush up your GK
  • Follow your heart
  • Stay updated at all times
  • Acquire these crucial group discussion skills
  • Lastly, follow these group discussion rules
  • Note down the names of all the participants
  • Do not get emotional
  • Maintain a firm posture

Freinds you need to have a great resume for cabin crew interview. If you don’t have that you can get help from our aviation resume expertHURRY

Friends in the group discussion rounds try to ask a question to others and remember it’s not a debate, it’s just a discussion. So, just you need to put your opinion and let others speak. If you think you speak enough then stop yourself and listen to everyone’s points.

Guys if you follow this at your interview I can guarantee that you will be successful in the Indigo cabin crew interview rounds.

Then if you will get selected or clear the group discussion round. The interviewer promoted you to the 3rd round of interviews. Which is the PI round?

Note – Are you looking for a Spicejet cabin crew interview, please check the link.

3. PI Rounds (Personal Introduction)

Airline PI (Personal Introduction) round is a one-to-one interview round. Where you will be sitting in front of the airline’s top officers and they will ask you some questions. Which are related to you and about cabin crew jobs and about the airline?

So, friends here you have to be confident, smart, and natural and you have to be tactical to handle the question that will be across to you. Now the very important information, is that at the interview table if you are unable to understand the question, please feel free to ask repeat questions to the interviewer.

Here are some Questions Asked by the Indigo HR

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me something about your family background.
  • What do you know about Indigo Airlines?
  • Are you applying for other airlines?
  • Why are you leaving the present company?
  • What do you think about Teamwork?
  • Would you like to do repetitive work?

Freinds you need to have a great resume for cabin crew interview. If you don’t have that you can get help from our aviation resume expertHURRY

If you will complete the 3rd round of interviews successfully. The airline will provide you with a congratulatory letter and a list of medical tests. Which comes under the 4th round of interviews.

Check out this video for full information on the Indigo airline interview process. Her YouTube channel name is  Prerana Chouhan, (video credit)

Note – Here you can check out the latest Indigo cabin crew interview list for you.

So, I hope this article will help you to understand the indigo cabin crew interview process step by step.

So, if your dream is to become an Indigo cabin crew please check Indigo cabin crew interview rounds in detail. I think my information will help you to get your dream job.

Also, you can contact us for pilot jobs, cabin crew jobs, and ground staff jobs. On Aviation Dreamer’s official website, you will get attractive interview tips for your cabin crew and ground staff which will help you to clear your interview easily.

If you have any more queries to ask me related to these jobs please comment below or you can contact me on my Facebook page and YouTube channel. Thank You.

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