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Hello, friends; in today’s article, I will discuss a topic that I’ve been receiving many questions about. That is how much a cabin crew earns or what is the flight attendant salary in the Philippines. If you are interested in knowing the salary of a flight attendant in the Philippines, keep on reading.

Friends, as we all know, the cabin crew profession is a very lucrative job. This means it has a lot of benefits you can travel, even your family can travel as well. Many girls and boys want to be in this profession, and one of the main reasons is the flight attendant salary and benefits. So, as a cabin crew, you can earn nearly 40,000-50,000 PHP per month in the Philippines.

But even before I became a cabin crew, it was difficult for me to go online and search how much a cabin crew earned. Suppose you are from the Philippines and want to become a cabin crew. This article will help you to know the details information about a flight attendant’s salary Philippines in 2024.

flight attendant salary philippines

Friends, I am going to try to be as transparent as I can be. It means I’m going to be giving you real figures, but these are based on my personal experiences. I can only speak for my experience based on how much I earn from the airline that I worked for in the airline I am currently working.

Different airlines will have different compensation packages, but they don’t differ that much. So you can at least compare, or you’re going to have an idea at the end of this article. That is how much a flight attendant earns in the Philippines.

Now, suppose you’re based somewhere else. In that case, if you’re not from the Philippines and not planning to work for any airlines in the Philippines, you can jump into the next part of this article below [flight attendant salary in international airlines].

Flight Attendant Salary Philippines in 2024

Friends, this information was shared by one of my friends who has worked with a local Philippines airline for the last four years. Her name is Rosa. So, below I have shared her words related to the flight attendant’s salary in the Philippines.

Hello friends, I am Rosa. Thank you, Aviation Dreamer, for allowing me to share my experience as a flight attendant salary.

Friends the will is based on how much I earned while I was working with the airline. As all, of you know cabin crew salary is broken down into three parts. First, you’re going to get your basic salary, your productivity, and hotel allowances.

But when I was working for that local airline here in the Philippines, we didn’t have any layovers. We don’t go to a certain country and stay there overnight or stay in any hotels, so it doesn’t apply to me during that time.

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So how much was I earning when I was working for a local airline in the Philippines let’s start by computing my basic salary when I was working for the local airline here in the Philippines was 11,000 PHP (eleven thousand pesos) to us. Given every 15th and 30th of the month.

So, it’s not much right; it’s very little. Now, this is where the package becomes competitive every month. We fly certain hours, and for those hours, we get paid by the hour. So I just forgot how much exactly I got when I was working for this local airline. But if I fly like a hundred hours in a month, I would get a total, including my basic salary. I would get a total of like 40,000 PHP in a month.

On top of that, basic salary and productivity since we also sell onboard products inside the aircraft. They are on board. We also get 10% from the profits it’s like a commission oh that’s very easy right?

Friends, I hope as a fresher, it’s not bad at all if you’re single, you’re not supporting anybody if you earn 40,000 PHP every month, plus you get a commission from your onboard sales. I would say it’s really good again like I said. This was when I was working for them, which was four years ago, so the packages probably have changed. There might be a slight increase in the salary, so maybe at this time, they would earn like 50,000 PHP per month for the new joiners.

Now let’s go international. I’m sure a lot of you are really curious. That is how much an international airline flight attendant earns every month. So the package doesn’t differ that much, meaning the salary is broken down into three basic salaries, the hourly flying pay. We also get our hotel allowances because we have layovers and transportation allowances for supervisors.

But what I’m going to be discussing for you guys is entry-level flight attendant salary Philippines. This means when you initially join the airline, how much money will you get from here on? All the currencies I’m going to be talking about are going to be in U.S. dollars.

So let’s assume you’ve already signed the contract. You already have your date of joining, and then now you arrive in your home base. Which is the country where your airline is based. You’re going to be getting a signing bonus

of 550 USD. So that you’re going to have an allowance or some money to buy your groceries by your essentials.

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Once you start with the training, you will be getting your basic salary of 1200 USD per month. Because you’re not flying yet at that time, you’re not going to get any hourly flying pay, and that’s the basic salary of a flight attendant in the Philippines.

Let’s proceed to the hourly flying pay for new joiners. So as soon as you start flying, you’re going to get an hourly flying pay of roughly 12 USD per hour. So let’s say in a month you fly a hundred hours. So you get (100 hours*12 USD)=1200 USD Per Month for your hourly flying pay.

But it doesn’t end there because now you have layovers. Where you stay in hotels, you also get hotel allowances that vary among different countries. So let’s say here in the Philippines, the Hotel allowance will be around 100 USD or less.

So it depends on the location of the hotel. If it’s an expensive hotel, you’re going to get a higher hotel allowance or layover allowance. On a good month and economy, cabin crew working for an international airline can earn up to 2800 USD, of course, as you grow with the company. Meaning you get promoted to a higher position, you become a premium class scabbing you become a supervisor your basic, and your hourly flying pay increases.

Friends that end of our article about flight attendant salary the Philippines. I know maybe some of you will say that this is a sensitive topic you’re not supposed to be talking about. But I don’t feel that. I don’t feel uncomfortable disclosing these numbers to you guys.

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Because I know that those of you who are following my website are interested in becoming a cabin crew, I hope this article clears up your questions about cabin crew salaries in the Philippines. Because like I said at the beginning of this article when I was applying to become a cabin crew, everything was blank for me. I had no idea what will be a flight attendant salary the Philippines.

Also, I’m going to write more articles to answer all your frequently asked questions to help out other girls and boys who are too shy to ask but would like to become cabin crew in the future. Of you, I wish you all the best on your cabin crew interview.

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