Japan Airlines Cabin Crew Salary and Work for JAL Singapore Base

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Japan Airlines Cabin Crew Salary – Hello everyone welcome to Aviation Dreamer. If you want to become a cabin crew in Japan Airlines then this information is really important for you. You should know about Japan Airlines cabin crew salary and work for JAL Singapore base. So request to all please read this article till the end.

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Japan Airlines Cabin Crew – First of all, I would like to thank Andy for publishing this article and I will be allowed to share my experience. Many of us start with the dream of flying. Compelled by the idea of flying around Japan, many people would eagerly apply for Japan Airlines. I mean, being Singapore-based is a very good thing because being located in your country, you are not suffering from so many homes.

Starting with the training of the first three months. You are paid about 4000 yen (49sgd) a day. Of which, for each meal they provide for you, they will deduct 1000 yen. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided, so essentially, you earn 1000 days (12.25 grams) days! Even if you remember your food, please note that this amount is not refundable. This is also not optional. On average, that’s how your training will be paid on the below basis

Basic + weekdays + weekend

= 800 + (12.25×5) + (36.75×2)

= 800+ 61.25 + 73.5

= 934

It is very optimistic that I do not know what is the mandatory deduction. Training is usually just let us 7.30 Sharpe (in the Japanese context, late on time, please start 15 minutes early). And you will return home around 8 on the same bus if you are lucky, with easy traffic.

For 3 months at 7.30 in the morning – after 8 pm, you finally get your name badge and uniform. What is a big boost after tension about remembering Japanese-English phrases and in-flight Japanese?

You also get your cabin handbags, cabin accessories, and check-in bags. But now, all this is second. While many of us were lucky and got the first hand. In some ways, the company felt the need to cut costs and release the used bags. Uniforms are also on the loan for all crew so if you are using it now or using it then it is your luck.

Shoes too used to be issued but after a few batches, the new juniors had to purchase their black leather shoes which have to fully comply with company standards.

When you are in your flight training (on-the-job training) you are not paid for hours of flight.

It is almost for the training period. Here comes the real flight. While they promise 2.5k per month, please note that this is a rough gauge. If you are very lucky and get better flights, sometimes you get to take 2.5k at home.

If not, the average salary will be 2.2k-2.3k 80-90hours. (Approximately 3 long 7-day pattern flights). If you have any holiday or Japanese lessons that month and can manage only 2, 7-day flights, please do not worry if you only receive 1800-2000k. As a junior, your basic salary is 800sgd and the salary per hour of the flight is 5.50ssgd. You have a 10-year bond of 1 year, which if you want to break it is 10,000ssg. Not pro-rated Long-run allowance

9-11 hrs 

$7011-13 hrs 

$9013 ++     $110

Even though bonuses are deserved, we have to fight for our chief of the party, who is always fighting to drag with the office. Someone told me that they waited more than a year for their annual bonus Their 2012 bonus came after their 2013 bonus.

Since the company is very harsh. Many things that you point out are either brushed or drawn until you do not give up. This is the traditional culture of a traditional Japanese company.

Many people have pointed out that the payment is very difficult because you have to spend when you fly, it is almost impossible to save and so many people have gone out. On average, we have a batch of 16, 10 out of the people who leave. There are only 4 people left in some batches whose bands have expired. When I say that to spend, I mean on basic food and water.

The crew in Japan Airlines is in very few positions. You will have to apologize to your life if anything happens, as always, whether it is your fault or not if you are involved in any traveler complaint, you will be marked for it. Unlike other airlines, crew baggage is also the last to come out. So after the flight, be ready to wait for 30 meters for your luggage. Crew-wise, you are foreign. So be prepared to behave like a foreign worker. Japanese people always put an example on you. You usually have to do the work of the galley, but unlike other airlines, in GAL, Galley’s work is both the economy and the galley and cabin for some business class routes. So in the form of a galley, you have to cook, prepare food, clean nonsense, clean the galley, have to serve. The cabin duty only works. But this is expected to help the galley work with foreign base cabin duty.

You have to learn to stand up and defend yourself in any event where you can get trapped once again, as I repeat, Japanese people take precedence and even some of your own office Can not because the current union is not strong enough.

Compared to Singapore Airlines, our 777-300ER has only 13 crew while they have 18. So technically, everyone has to double their speed and energy for the flights. We usually work based on a minimum crew, where there is a basic minimum number of required crew for that plane, that we will have. If possible, they will cut you to become a DH crew where you earn 50% of your flight hours (as a junior, essentially 2.75sgd per hour)

Good command is useful in Japanese. As your command is weak, many chefs will deal with you strictly and sometimes refuse to talk to you, only sending you to serve the passengers. The briefing is also done in Japanese.

Currently, there are only New York, Paris, and Guam / KL routes near the Singapore Base. So each flight you do is a minimum of 7 days. You have to fly to Henda or Narita, which is in Tokyo Prefecture.

You do not get to fly any domestic flight nor do you get any transit in other parts of Japan. We usually stay in Narrata’s Marrod Hotel, so if your next flight home or flight is in Haneda, you should take an hour-long bus to Narratua Airport before catching your second bus.

In New York, our hotel is in Long Island which is about 45mins to Manhattan. In Paris, we stay in Novotel Eiffel. A 10-minute walk away from the Eiffel Tower. in KL, we stay at the Saujana Hotel.

Guam’s flights are worse because it is a turnaround flight. Flight time is 3 hours and 3 hours down. Since there is no stoppage in Guam, you do not get per diem. You only go through 15 minutes and get back the customs duty.

Everyone hates this flight because we have to go to the office by bus at 7 pm for briefings and only have to finish our day at the hotel around 8:00. And since the flight time is only 6 hours in total, you earn only 30 dollars for this whole day’s work.

Unfortunately, we do not have permission to swap flights, unlike other airlines. So whatever you have been given, you have to be with him. If you have personal matters, then you can only transfer your personal matters. Scheduling is done manually by the staff of the office unless you are a hot favorite or have exceptional Japanese language skills, your flights can often have Guam / KL flights. Personal relationships are very important because they determine your flights.

Recently a new policy of foreign base is to be charged for the sale where you have to sell in-flight. You have goals to hit but you do not get any commission.

As pessimistic, Japan Airlines is a very regular job. When flying in one place every month, you do not have to add all the station processes again and you always know what is it. If you regularly like it and do not have money for it, then Japan Airlines can’t be a bad choice. Just be prepared to work hard, and study hard! Flygosh.com will be a good place to update all the cabin crew tips as well as the latest job updates.

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I hope this article will help you very much to attend the Asiana Airlines cabin crew interview as a fresher. But if you have any more questions or queries to ask me related to Aviation Jobs or interviews please comment below the comment box. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Thank You

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