How to Save Money as a Cabin Crew?

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Are you a cabin crew and expend all the money that you earn in a month from your company? Then here I am sharing how to save money as a cabin crew.

Which will help you to save money besides your other income? Just you need to control your expenses, nothing else.

This is the story of my friend Nazira, she shared her experience. Now she is working in a reputed international airline as a cabin crew. She started her career when she is 22 years old. She doesn’t have any money and won the house.

She was staying in a rented house in UAE (Dubai). When she joined an airline company provided shared accommodation with flooding allowances.

how save money cabin crew

But guys the 1st 2 months after joining was my cabin crew training period. When the company paid me just 400QR with some other benefits. But I was expending my first 2 months’ salary on my house decoration and some shopping to buy some required things.

After that, I got the full salary from my 3rd-month salary. Which is near about 10000QR. That time I was very happy because the company paid my every bill like my house bill, flooding, convenience, and also some other benefits.

This helps me to decrease my expenses by 50% to 60% which provides me a boost. But truly in that time a lot of you want to spend all your salary and enjoy yourself and travel the whole World.

I also agree with you, even in the 1st 5 months I can control myself to travel. But besides that, I save nearly 15% to 20% of my salary.

After that, I realize that I need to save some money because all my family members are well established and especially my mom lowes try to teach me how we can save money.

Then I started to save money to buy a new home. because I allow believing to invest in the property rather than investing in any other source or share market.

So, after 2.5 years of savings, I have collected 60000 USD. Which I can invest in buying a house. But I bought an apartment on an installment basis and I paid my savings as advance money.

After that, I have bought 1 more property within the next 3 years of working. So, Friends here are some tips that will help you to earn more money as a cabin crew.

Some Tips to Earn More Money as a Cabin Crew

  • Never Exchange Money in Banks
  • Long Flights with High Meal Allowance.
  • Transportation Allowances.
  • Collect Money from Layover Allowances.
  • Find a Nearby Supermarket that offers Good Prices and good food.
  • Never Buy Extra goods as well as unnecessary.

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But truly friends as a cabin crew you can’t work for a long time. So, my suggestion would be to save more money when you are able to work as a cabin crew.

You can check this video for detailed information.

So, friends I hope, her tips will help you to save money. And now just you need to save money as much as you can. Then invest in your preferred option.

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So, friends, I hope this article will help to understand all the cabin crew and how to save money as a cabin crew.

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