Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview rounds (AOCS) – Step by Step

Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview rounds (AOCS) – Step by Step

Hello, friends welcome to Aviation Dreamer. Are you want to work as Ground Staff or AOCS in Indigo Airlines? Is it your dream Job? Then welcome. Because today I wanna writing on the Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview rounds or AOCS. I think you will love to read this information and it will help you very much to understand all the rounds of interview. So don’t skip any sentences, read the full information.

So, friends, it’s my personal experience which I have got. The first thing you have to collect information about Indigo Airlines AOCS walk-in interview schedule. Click Here to get the latest walk-in interview list. Also, you should prepare your self for the interview. So, I have done all this and also read information about Indigo from Wikipedia to understand the company. Now start the main step.Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview rounds (AOCS) - Step by Step

Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview Rounds – 1

Friends after reach to the interview venue (for my time it was Kolkata O2 Hotel). First, I went to the washroom to check my grooming. Then come back and wait for the interview. The interview was started at 11.00AM. And yes you have to register your name first and remember the sequence number. And this is PI (Personal Introduction) round. So, they are taking a group interview with 10 candidates.

Then my turns have come and we are entered into the interview room. But there is only a madam who will ask the question. So, only one question she asked us and that is Tell me yourself shortly? friends the question is very simple but it’s too taught when someone gives you 50 to 60 sec only.

And after complete every one. She selected only 2 candidates for the next round and I am one of them. And she asks the rest to leave the room. And now she tells about the post for which we have selected and given us a date for the 2nd round. Friend’s she was selected me for Cargo officer. Otherwise 2nd rounds will conduct on the same day and that is GD(Group Discussion) rounds.

Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview Rounds – 2

For the second round, I reached the airport. At the airport’s cargo terminal building. Then one of the indigo staff come and show us, that what we have to do all the work of the cargo terminal, how we will work and about the environment. Then he asked us to wait for the interview. and we all are selected on this round because it was so simple. Because they asking some normal question like What do you know about Cargo? Do you want to work in this environment? Also some personal question.

And then he tells us to leave and they will call us if we are selected. Then after 2 days, we all are getting confirmation and they inform us to carry our document copy and original.

Indigo Airlines Ground Staff Interview Rounds – 3

We all are going to the same place for our 3rd and final round and that was the manager round. so at the 12:00 pm our interview was started. In this round 1 by 1 go inside and after finished the interview their wait for the result. So, when I was going for my interview the interviewer asking so simple question. like – about the cargo work environment, how much stuff to work in this field, how much time we can give to the company etc.

I think they are just trying to find out the stability of the applicant. That how long the staff will work with them.

And after finished my interview I was waiting for the result, then after  20 to 30 minutes a madam came and tell us the result. So, thanks to the God that I was selected. Then on the same day, we have done our documentation. And after that Airline give us an address for our Medical round. And also they tell us when out training will start.

So, friends, this is my full experience with Indigo Airlines interview for Cargo Officer. But now maybe some steps have been changed by the Airline.

And one thing this is for Cargo officer only. But if you are going for Commercial or any other position then I think there are 4 rounds that you have to clear. Thank you

Thanks to Aviation Dreamer – to give a chance to explain my experience. And really Paresh Sir you are doing a great job for the young generation.

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