Riyadh Air Careers Cabin Crew in September 2023 – [Apply Now]

Are you looking for Riyadh Air Careers as a cabin crew? Then here in this article, you will get details information about Riyadh Air cabin crew jobs in 2023. All males and females can apply for Riyadh Air’s latest job vacancy as a fresher. So, if you have completed your 10+2 then you can apply for an air hostess job at Riyadh Air.

Riyadh Air operates flights to various destinations around the world. So, if you want to make Riyadh Air career as a cabin crew in 2023. Then you must meet the following requirement criteria, job descriptions, and how you can apply for the air hostess jobs at Riyadh.

Company Name – Riyadh Air
Job Title – Cabin Crew
Job Location – Riyadh
Interview Date – N/A
Application Process – Need to apply online

riyadh air careers cabin crew

Requirement Criteria for Riyadh Air Careers

  • Ideally, you will have had more than a year’s experience in a retail, hospitality, or customer service role. You have relentless positivity and an ability to excellent service in a team environment. Your minimum qualification is high school graduate (Grade 12).
  • You need to be fluent in written and spoken English (the ability to speak another language is an advantage).
  • You need to be at least 150cm tall and can reach 200 cm to reach emergency equipment.
  • Our Riyadh Aircrew will be based in Riyadh and be able to comply with the KSA visa requirements. We seek self-starting team members who will always seek a calm solution while operating a demanding work schedule. You will be understanding of a myriad of cultures while being professional and positive.

Job Descriptions of Riyadh Air Cabin Crew

  • Demonstrating and instructing passengers on safety and emergency procedures, including the use of safety equipment, evacuation procedures, and first aid.
  • Greeting passengers, assisting with seating, serving meals and refreshments, and providing information on flight details, destination, and other related services.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of the cabin, including monitoring the lavatories and maintaining the inventory of cabin supplies.
  • Dealing with unexpected situations that may arise, such as passenger requests or complaints, medical emergencies, and flight disruptions.
  • Collaborating with fellow crew members, pilots, and ground staff to ensure the smooth operation of the flight.

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How to Apply for Riyadh Air Careers Cabin Crew

Friends if you have checked all the details from the above and if you think you have all the requirements criteria as per the airline requirements criteria. Then you need to click here. It will redirect you to the airline’s official job posting page. Then you need to click on the apply button.

Then first you need to upload your updated resume in pdf or Word format and then you need to click on the application form to fill out the application form online to apply for the Riyadh Air career as a fresher.

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Riyadh Air Cabin Crew Salary

According to my experience and after a long research of over 20 staff of the airline, the average base pay for Riyadh Air cabin crew members in Saudi Arabia is around SAR 5,500 to SAR 6,500 per month, which can vary based on factors such as experience and tenure. It’s important to note that these figures may not be specific to Riyadh Air and may not include additional compensation such as allowances, bonuses, and benefits.

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  1. What is the salary of cabin crew in Riyadh?

    The airline a cabin crew member works for, their level of experience, and the duties of their position can all affect their pay in Riyadh. The average pay for a cabin crew member in Riyadh, however, is between SAR 7,000 and SAR 9,000 per month, or roughly USD 1,866 to USD 2,400 per month, according to industry reports and salary data.
    It’s important to remember that this is only an estimate and that actual salaries can differ greatly depending on a person’s unique situation.

  2. What is the qualification for cabin crew in Riyadh Air?

    A high school diploma or its equivalent, fluency in English, exemplary customer service abilities, and fulfillment of the physical requirements, such as height and fitness, are the minimum requirements for a cabin crew position with Riyadh Air. Candidates typically need to be at least 21 years old and strong enough to lift objects of considerable weight.
    Before beginning their position as cabin crew, successful candidates also go through extensive training in safety procedures, emergency situations, and customer service. It’s crucial to remember that particular requirements may change depending on the airline and the position.

  3. Does Riyadh Air hire freshers?

    Yes, Riyadh Air hires freshers for their cabin crew positions.

  4. What is the basic salary of Saudi Airlines?

    The average monthly payment for a Saudi Airlines employee, however, is in the range of SAR 8,000 to SAR 16,000, or roughly USD 2,133 to USD 4,267, per month, according to industry reports and salary data.

  5. What is the salary of the first cabin crew?

    The first cabin crew member’s pay, also known as a senior flight attendant’s, can differ based on the airline they work for, their level of experience, and the duties of their position. However, according to industry reports and salary data, a senior flight attendant’s average monthly pay in the Middle East ranges from USD 3,500 to USD 5,500.
    It’s important to remember that this is only an estimate and that actually pay can differ greatly depending on a person’s unique situation, including the airline, length of service, flight routes, and other compensation components like bonuses, allowances, and benefits.

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I think this article will help you to apply for a Riyadh Air careers cabin crew at Riyadh. So, if your dream is to become an airline staff then please check this full article and apply online.

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