What are the airlines looking from the candidate? Interview Tips

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Hello, Freinds welcome to Aviation Dreamer. Here you will get all the information related to your airline job. So today i am gonna discuss on “What are the airlines looking for in a candidate?” or What qualities do you need to be a flight attendant?. So, if you want to work as a Cabin crew then this is gonna help you very much.

In addition to normal things like grooming, being outspoken and confident, friendly etc. That you already know, maybe I can share with you personally. By the way, I helped to get my dreams out of hundreds, and everything I saw, everything from them, though they have different backgrounds, they share a common perspective.

It is active, which means that you do it and plan things in the future, even if you are not asked to do so Misleading. Let me give you an example. Most will ask me when the next interview will be done and if you are an active person, then your question will be “Can you tell me what I need to know or prepare for next interview?” The difference between them is that the second question shows that the person is preparing even though there is no vacancy in the present. They do not wait for the last minute and take small steps to ensure that they are well prepared, win other candidates and be successful during the interview.

Basically, things do not have enough time to work. If you want, you do it today or this moment. There is no such thing as “perfect” I can do the best, I will try to study next week. For example, if you want to call someone, you can not say that I will try to call, or did you pick up the phone to call or not?

I know that this is called “easy to do,” but when I need something, I am concentrating a lot on achieving my goals and doing whatever I do to get it. I still remember that to get my first pilot job, there was an information session, but it was declared only one day before the incident. Well, the next thing I knew, I was inside the plane the next day so that it could go on time.

What are the airlines looking from the candidate

After this, it is very important that you can “prove” success, no matter how small. This will motivate you to continue your journey and to keep your flame of passion burning to keep the excitement. Before being a team, I used to go to the airport just to see all the pilots and cabin crew coming out with their elegant uniforms and imagining in their shoes. Most or my friends thought that I was crazy, but this is what I did and guessed, I actually told interviewers in the Emirates and that was what was affected.

In organizing a pilot recruitment in my recent program, some candidates are actually active. I do not know them and although they come from all over the world, what is the need of them, like documents and everything, they are very fast and efficient and they ensure that they have received them all. On the other hand, I have some people from whom I personally contacted because I know them and still, they can not bother to inform me that they come or not. The funny thing is that they are those who keep telling me that their life is a disaster now and it is very difficult to achieve their dreams. So, the point is, when you want something, you should be a responsible person.

As always, those people who did not accept will usually come to tell me and they will tell me that hey, that girl is so ugly, or that person talks too much and how he passes. Before starting a criticism of others, maybe you should look good in the mirror. This may be the best candidate, but this is why the interviewer did not want to pass it. Airlines certainly do not want to hire a person with an attitude.

So, how do I know that I have said a lot or a lot? My advice is, is it just necessary or say what is necessary and not exaggerated. For example, during my interview, I also told them that I know that when one started flights to Malaysia, how many times per day, its exact flight number and its STA and STD You see, even though they did not ask me to give such a detailed answer, I answered them “extra” and I told them that I was serious and I really wanted to join my airline and, most importantly, I did my homework. In this example, as you can see in this example, on returning, I talked more than the other candidates, but I make sure that it is relevant and something that will affect the interviewer.

So you have some personal secrets to become a better candidate. I know that some of you will say: Hi Andy, It is easy for you to say the above while working for one of the best airlines in the world and now you have achieved your dreams. Well, forget, once I was in your shoes. I am blessed that where I am today, but it came with my fair share of failures, sacrifices, disappointments etc. Most of you who know me personally, know that where I live today is not easy. Well, I took small steps to achieve success. After all, Rome was not built in one day. If I can do it, then you too can!

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