Airline Pilot Salary in India and Other Information to Become a Pilot

Hello, everyone, do you know the airline pilot salary? but still, you want to become a commercial pilot?  so, it’s really important to know about the pilot salary in India. Because we all are working for money to lead a better life. Friends here in this article you will get the full idea about airline pilot salary. I think it’s really important for you to get motivate yourself to become a pilot.

So, if you are interested to know about the pilot salary in India please check this article till the end. Here you will get full information about airline pilot salary’s like there pilot salary, bonus, profit sharing, and some other information. Which will help all the new commercial pilot?

Friends as a commercial pilot salary you can earn between Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000 per month (it depends on the experience and also depend on the airlines for which you are working.

Here are the Details of Airline pilot salary in India

Friends if we compare the Indian commercial airline pilot salary with other countries it bit cheaper. So, aviation pilots salary anywhere between Rs. 2,00,000 and Rs. 800,000 per month in India. And if we compare to other countries the average pilot salary is about Rs 3,50,000 to Rs 9,00,000 (which is not less than $ 60000). Also commercial pilot salary depending on their employers and level of experience.

So, become a commercial pilot you should know the eligibility and other information. So, please read our other article which is on the pilot eligibility and how you can apply online and many more.

Here I have shown as per payscale website average commercial pilot salary in India

  • Basic Salary Rs 124,686 – Rs 9,729,729
  • Bonus Rs 1,021 – Rs 496,647
  • Profit Sharing Rs 1,987 – Rs 3,163,529
  • Total Pay –  Rs 146,939 – Rs 9,945,496

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airline pilot salary

Who can Become a Commercial Pilot?

As an airline pilot, a career is only for those individuals who are ready to dedicate a huge amount of time and money before finally achieving their dream of flying large commercial airlines. Pilots should be ready and be able to take responsibility for the safety of the aircraft they are flying, as well as on all passengers and cargo ships. This career is for those who want to fly and travel around the world.

How You can Prepeard Yourself from the Beginning?

Read English, maths, and physics in Class 12. After that undergo a pilot training course from a reputable directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA)-approved institute. You must meet the criteria as per DGCA’s Class I medical assessment rules. It’s mandatory to complete 200 hours of flying and clear theory papers to be eligible for the commercial pilot license (CPL).

You can also get trained at a reputable institute in the United States, Australia, Canada or any country approved by the DGCA, but clearing DGCA exams is necessary for the CPL. After that, you need to have the multi-engine endorsement to apply for an airline job. Then, you get training on simulators to get the endorsement to fly as a first officer (co-pilot). This training takes six months to a year after you get the CPL.

Note – here you can check out the top 10 pilot training school in the USA and also here you can check out the best pilot colleges list in India with fees and contact details.

How is the Competition of a Pilot Job?

The level of competition for becoming an airline pilot is fierce. It is estimated that the number of jobs for airline pilots in the aviation industry will increase continuously over the next decade. The number of people entering this area is also increasing, so it is expected that only the best-trained pilots will be able to employ themselves in high-paid airlines.

Life of a Commercial Pilot?

Life can be as exciting as an airline pilot. Airline pilots get to travel the world for free. However, on the go, there is a long life and a very stressful job involved. It is not easy to work with this idea that you have lots of life in your hand. Although pilots usually have fixed schedules, flights are often in the middle of the night. Pilots can’t be able to maintain an ideal family or social life, and they should have a habit of sleeping in the rest of the plane.

Note – If you want interested to apply for cabin crew or flight attendant jobs, please check out Emirates cabin crew vacancy update here.

Which Downsides are there in this career?

Airline pilots are often given root over-over, which means things can be monotonous. Apart from this, they have to undergo a long and expensive training process before they can actually fly a commercial airliner. Airline pilots have to deal with a lot of stress on a normal day at work because they are responsible for so many lives and a slight mistake can be frightening. It is difficult to spend time with the loved ones in the form of an airline pilot as an aircraft pilot or after spending too much time in an unfamiliar location.

Locations where this career is good?

Airline pilots around the world can find a job because you are involved in a lot of walking in the job. The more you live near a major international airport, the more time you can spend on a home, if the airline you work for is definitely the basis. In India, international airports are busy in all major cities, so they are the best places to become airline pilots.

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Want to know more about it?

Commercial airline pilots are responsible for flying, on / or cargo flights for a wide range of travelers, and for business, commerce and leisure including purposes. The nature of the flight can be either a short race or a long race. Most commercial aircraft are operated by two pilots, captain – or pilot in command, and the first officer – who provides assistance to the pilot. In the long haul flights, the captain and the first officer constantly rotate their duties so that fatigue can be reduced. There are four airline pilots often without a stopover so that any two can be awakened to operate the aircraft at a given time.

There are two major career paths, which can follow as an airline pilot. Pilots who fly short-haul can fly a single plane several times a day. Their flight hours are usually fixed and they can wake up and sleep on the same bed any day. Other pilots, who fly long-term flights, do not normally wake up and sleep on the same bed on any day. They should be used to spend the night in unfamiliar places, and spend long hours in the large commercial airliner cockpit. However, most pilots do not get to choose the routes they fly because they are specified by airlines on the basis of their skill and level of experience.

Typical airline pilot duties include ensuring that cargo and passengers have been loaded, to ensure that the flight equipment is working properly, to make the aircraft taxi on the runway, to fly, to maintain the aircraft at cruise altitude To announce the safety and information of passengers, fly. To maintain the flight level, the aircraft is making an approach to the destination airport, landing, taxi to the gate, ensuring disruption and parking the aircraft. His job involves communicating with air traffic controllers, calculating the required fuel level, checking the weather conditions and checking the weight of the aircraft.

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What Perks come along with this career?

The biggest park that attracts people in this profession is that it enables people to see places they can not otherwise afford. Plus, many airlines give cheap or even free travel to pilots’ families. This means that you can enjoy flying a plane and visit your family as well as new places. Pilots are generally very well respected in society. They are fairly well paid.

Note – check out here the recent update for commercial pilot job vacancy in Singapore airlines also check here the all the latest pilot vacancy here.

Friends, I think now you have a clear idea about the airline pilot salary in India. But for some important information that you should remember, allows keeping ready your document when you will go and sit for an interview. And keep prepeard for your cabin crew jobs.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information. Thank you best of luck.


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