Airline Interview Question and Answer for Fresher in 2024

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Friends, are you looking for airline jobs in India? then it’s super important to know the airline interview question and answer. because day by day airline jobs become the most competitive jobs in the World.

So I suggest everyone get prepared before attending an aviation interview. There are many things to remember before attending the cabin crew or ground crew interview. Basically, you need to think about your grooming, communication, behavior, knowledge about the airline, airline interview questions and answers, and the document requirement list for aviation jobs.

If you really love to become an aviation staff you should read this article till the end and get prepared for your interview. Here I discuss the top 10 airline interview questions that will help you to prepare for an aviation interview.

airline interview question

Top 10 Airline Interview Question List

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why should we hire you as a cabin crew at XYZ Airlines?
  • Are you applying for other airlines?
  • Why are you leaving the present company?
  • What do you think about Teamwork?
  • What did you dislike about your old job?
  • How do you get success in this industry as a fresher?
  • Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?
  • How would you deal with being away from your friends and family for long periods when working as a cabin crew?
  • Would you like to do repetitive work?

Aviation Interview Question and Answer Details

  1. <strong><strong>Tell me about yourself</strong></strong>

    If you are attending an airline interview you should remember that you have only 30 sec to explain yourself. So, it allows trying to mention the more important points to the interviewer. like – your name, age, and location from where you belong, tour education, extra qualification, and strength and you can end up. Check the below video where I have discussed the question tell me about yourself in Hindi.

  2. <strong><strong>Why should we hire you as a cabin crew at XYZ Airlines?</strong></strong>

    The airline has ordered several new aircraft and is making good progress. So I want to be a part of that and a friend of mine also worked for you and recommended I apply because I felt that I would fit in with the company’s ideals.Note – check here the Qatar Airways cabin crew interview date and details. also here you can check the SpiceJet ground staff interview.

  3. <strong><strong>Are you applying for other airlines?</strong></strong>

    Although I have applied to other airlines, this is the airline I want to work for the most because it has a professional image and I always hear positive comments about the airline, so this is a cabin crew for me. Or would it be a great place to start as a ground? Staff.

  4. <strong><strong>Why are you leaving the present company?</strong></strong>

    As per my experience, I can say that we cannot advance in the field without taking more responsibilities and risks, and also we can enhance our team-leading capabilities, and managerial skills without exposing a wide range of people.

  5. <strong><strong>What do you think about Teamwork?</strong></strong>

    I enjoy teamwork and am used to moving work. I think I will get into the role well. I am looking for new challenges and I know that I will learn a lot in the aviation industry, not only about people and places but also skills like first aid, how to help others within my boundaries, and other skills I can

  6. <strong><strong>What did you dislike about your old job?</strong></strong>

    Try to avoid any point, like never say “I didn’t like my manager or I didn’t like the environment or I didn’t like the team”. Never use negative terminology. It was good to try to focus on everything, I just wanted to make changes for proper development or you can show some other problems too.

  7. <strong><strong>How do you get success in this industry as a fresher?</strong></strong>

    As I am a fresher, I have just passed my graduation, yet I have no work experience, I only want a chance to prove myself. All of the above information about the questions has been recently hired in aviation jobs.Note – here you can check out the Emirates cabin crew open day list for all over the World. If you want to know what is cabin crew click here.

  8. <strong><strong>Can you give us an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?</strong></strong>

    After a long time in a restaurant, the woman had no idea what to eat for dessert, so I described each dish to her and she was trying to decide between the two, so I asked the chef if Was it okay for them to have a small piece of each – she was very happy with that! In addition, you can share some other experiences.

  9. <strong><strong>How would you deal with being away from your friends and family for long periods when working as a cabin crew?</strong></strong>

    I know it is not so easy to get away from my friends and family but I think it is necessary for the job. And it is also good to stay away for some time and learn new things. Also, I want to tell you that this is my dream and I can sacrifice myself to achieve my dream.

  10. <strong><strong>Would you like to do repetitive work?</strong></strong>

    Why not, I am not only doing repetitive work but also earning, but the company is also getting a good salary. And the other thing is that nothing is interesting in life unless we are interested.

Note – If you are searching for ground staff jobs and cabin crew jobs you can check here the details.

Friends, I think the airline interview question and answer list will help you to get selected for your cabin crew or ground staff interview without any problem. But for some important information that you should remember, allows keep your document when you go and sit for an interview. And keep prepared for your cabin crew jobs.

So, if you have any more queries on this topic or related to aviation jobs or the aviation industry please feel free to contact me. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel for more information. Thank you best of luck.

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